Thank You

I am, in my own humble opinion, pretty damn good at actively going against common stereotypes, whether those stereotypes be completely truthful, based on an element of truth or outright bullshit. In this fashion, I continue to use facebook, despite grown-up, we’re-better-than-you-silly-little-unintelligent-low-lives publications (they call them newspapers now?) claiming that Teens are leaving Facebook. In all truth, I could have completely avoided writing this paragraph: it provides nothing more than meaningless background information, but I like picking on news sources, and that word count doesn’t go up by itself you know!

Anyway, I use Facebook. You might have gathered…
Fellow Facebook users will be familiar with the On This Day feature — for those unacquainted with this feature, allow L to explain all about it. On This Day is similar to an App called Timehop, in that it allows you to see memories, like posts and photos you’re tagged in, from the specific date last year. Unlike Timehop, it (obviously) only works for Facebook content; Timehop integrates these memories from other networks including Facebook, Twitter and others into one inclusive feed.
I was looking through my On this Day page today, out of bordom more than anything else, rather than particular interest (I’ll leave the L-stalking to my millions of fans, if that’s OK). For the second or third time in the last week or two, I noticed a rather vague Facebook post from yours truly meant a lot more than it should have done. Despite my lack of any detail whatsoever, I remembered the event which I mentioned in that Facebook post like it was just last week, and it took me a little while and a lot of puzzling to figure out why that was.
Then, I remembered: I blogged abot it.

Somehow, writing down the details of a day in a blog post, with the way I felt, the different things that ran through my head — all of the stuff I’d never usually be able to share — allows me to remember events better, more clearly. Additionally, having your comments, feedback and general wonderfulness to add to all of that — it’s so much more than I could ever have asked for, and I love it so much.

Do you experience this too? Do you remember or relate to things more after a longer period of time because of blogging?


4 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. I really do. There are certain things that happened over a year ago that I remember with absolute clarity – all the emotions, and all of the things that happened. Writing things down helps me to organise it in my head more 🙂

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