I Talk about the Election

In London, the results of the lengthy and brutal US Presidential Race for The Whitehouse were finalised at around 7:30 am today, 9th November. In all honesty, I was far from exstatic with the final result, although mentally prepared after having watched the election couverage live on the BBC for two-and-a-half hours before Donald J. Trump was declared as the 45th President of the United states of America.

Frankly, the whole American Presidential campaigning has been ridiculous, with claims and aligations about both candidates being tossed around, with people seemingly forgetting that, for once in American history, their televisions are not showing reality TV, but their own futures. I don’t agree with some of the actions made and words said by Mr Trump, specifically the mokery of disabled reporters, his undisguised Islamiphobic, homophobic, sexist and racist views, but what I do agree with is democracy. Although not as strong as the murmerings after Brexit here in the UK, there has been talk of a second election, or another vote. To those who think that this is the solution, I say this: however much you dislike the outcome of the election — and believe me, you’re not alone –, democracy is a thousand times better than the anarchy that would insue if you were to deny 59 million Americans their say. Democracy is democracy, and in a democratic system, someone is always going to lose: that’s just the way it is. By holding another election, you are essentially undermining the true values of democracy, and playing a game that will not stop until one group of people get what they want, at which point the other party will follow suit, and demand a third, fourth, fifth re-vote.

To those who ask who I support, I don’t think you have far to look. Clinton would have been my choice for president, not necessarily due to her policies and ideas for America’s future, but mainly because Trump makes me, a disabled and bisexual teen, feel threatened and less significant than my able-bodied, straight counterparts, even as a UK citizen, well away from North America. Regardless, over 50 million Americans disagreed with my personal views, and whilst I could very easily sit here all day and write a great list of detailed points for why this is the case, and why I feel that Clinton would have made a better president, I won’t. Honestly, I don’t want to. I respect that a majority (a term I use loosely, admittedly) of US citizens believe in their hearts that Donald J. Trump is America’s best shot at a prosperous future, and I hope, for the sake of the world, that they are right.


18 thoughts on “I Talk about the Election

  1. I agree America chose him to be their leader and there is nothing we can do about it. I just hope and pray that they have made the right choice. If I had a choice I would too choose Clinton. I just pray that the minorities wouldn’t have to suffer. The outcome may not be what we expected it to be, but there is nothing we (non-US citizens) could have possibly done.

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  2. i honestly really need to write up some sort of response to the election, as one of the few american bloggers i feel like it’s obligated of me but i don’t want to actually write it, ya feel me? but yeah i completely agreed with everything you wrote here. as a female in general, i’m terrified for my future but hopeful for the feminist cause as a whole in my country.

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    1. I think it’s your decision whether you choose to write a response to today’s happenings or not, although I would love to hear your views on it all. I agree with you: the future is bigger than just 4 years… stay safe X

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      1. thanks. maybe i’ll take a page from elm and make a voice recording later today when i have time. i really don’t know how to write what i’m feeling. and whatever this means for the relations between england and the us… let’s just hope we’re all safe.

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  3. i don’t even live in america and i’m shit scared of what power they have over us, australia. we’re such a small country and we barely have any control. he could destroy us if he wanted to.

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  4. Honestly, I was not with either of them. After a while I just stopped trying to have an opinion because I felt like we were in danger either way. Personally though, if I was able to vote, I would’ve voted for Clinton simply because she at least has some political experience. Your point about democracy I could not agree more with. It is what it is and whatever decisions were made are the ones we have to live with. I hope my country isn’t in too much danger…

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  5. I really expected better of my country. I went to sleep crying last night, so confused of why that horrendous man even got a shot at presidency. I am just so afraid of what he will do and of him taking away all the things great America has accomplished in the past years. But there is nothing we can do about it now but keep our head held high and keep on walking on. We can’t be discouraged and depressed but keep on fighting for our rights despite the fact that he want to take them away.
    Thanks for bearing with me through this rant I have left in your comments! This was a great post and I agree with you completely. Xxx

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    1. You’re right, 100%. It’s likely going to be tough for you guys, but you have to somehow keep those inclusive, accepting ideas alive in the American people. I am still so confused as to how Trump got the candidacy in this election: I am inclined to think that this was originally some kind of practical joke, which backfired in the worst way imaginable. Don’t apologise for your comment: it was great, and very important. Stay safe X

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  6. You summed up my thoughts exactly. I really don’t agree with Trump’s views and I was so disappointed and angry when he won. But I also disagree, as you said in the post, with people wanting to have a re-vote and having riots. One side is ALWAYS going to be unhappy. You can never please everyone. Say Hillary had won, All Trump supporters would be angry. Democracy is a good system and we have to accept the result even if we don’t like it! I would choose Hillary, not because I agree with everything she says, but because she is less of 2 evils, in my opinion. She was better than Trump, i think. But we can’t do anything now. I live in the UK as well and Trump is NOW president. It’s hard to swallow, i guess, but we have to come to terms with it.

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