2016 Blogger Awards — NOMINATIONS OF MINE

Well hello there, dear reader de moi, and welcome to this fabulous little post of mine. exciting, eh?
Today, I want to put forward my nominations for the 2016 Blogger Awards, hosted by the wonderful Elm. Some of you might remember the initial 2015 Blogger Awards, hosted by TheAmbivert123, who has sadly stopped blogging now. She is (the overwhelming natural instinct to write ‘was’, before remembering that Abi is not dead) an absolutely amazing person, always so friendly, helpful and kind, and I can’t help but think that she passed on these awesome awards to another blogger who is just as super as herself.

blogger of the Year
This award unbdoubtedly has to go to Elm. I think that everyone in the Bloggosphere has come across elm at one point or another, and can say without question that she is the kindest, friendliest, most approachable blogger out there. She’s always ready to listen to any questions, concerns, or stories, and offer advice where she can. Her posts are so honest, relatable and thoughtful; her views are always so brilliant and true. We all love Elm!!!

Blog of the Year

I’m putting this one out to Chloe Lauren, from Diary of a Lonely Girl. Her posts are just so regular, and honest, and I love the quotes that she puts up, as they’re usually very motivational and honest. Her longer posts are also great, and I absolutely love her writing style!

Kindest Blogger
This year, one person has stood out in my eyes as the kindest blogger, and it’s Ruth from Fearlessly Loud. On and off of her blog, Ruth is one of the kindest, most good-hearted people I’ve ever met, and these last few months, she’s always been there by my side to offer her help and advice wherever she can. Ruth is one of the only people that helps me see the best in me, and our running jokes are just so fab! drunk sheep, anyone?
You mean the absolute world to me, ruth…

Most Approachable Blogger
I have to say Em, from Adventures of a Lost teen. As well as running her super blog, Em is always active on the twitters (that’s twitter, L-ified), and I would never ever even feel the tiniest bit anxious when reaching out to her on Twitter, whether that be replying to one of her tweets, mentioning her out of the blue, or messaging her. Em is always just so friendly and honest, and always ready to help.

Best New Blogger
Leo, from subgenres is definitely my best new blogger nominee. They’re just so awesome, and truthful, and I love their bloggand blogging style/personality. They talk so openly and honestly, and I actually get this little moment of excitement and happiness when I see a new post from them.

Most Positive Blog
I am nominating elly, from A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts. Elly is always so upbeat, positive and faaaaaaaaabulous, and reading her blog always makes me smile. Even though we all wish she posted more (no pressure), her existing posts are marvellous and just so cheerful most of the time. Love ya elly!

Most Helpful Blogger
Fibit, off of… Fibit is definitely the most helpful blogger I know. Genuinely, most of my readers know that I have my ‘moments’ (AKA shit times), and Fibit has been the one person who has never judged me for them, never abandoned me, never called me stupid for worrying. He’s just been so amazing, supportive and helpful, and God knows where I’d be without him now. seriously, Fibit – your dope (tryin’ ta be cool innit).

Best Looking Blog
Look, soz guys, but I just can’t do this one, cos blind innit. I know all of your blogs look fab-fab, and you all should now give yourself a virtual pat on the back.
… Not too hard …
… don’t make that naughty, dodgy …

Most Relatable Blog
I’m saying that this one has to go to Sav, from the savage Savannah, because his posts are always so relatable and understandable, and I’m just here like “yes, yes – I get ya fam”! Sav is one of the very few fellow male teen bloggers, and so that’s kind of relatable in itself, right?

Most Creative Blogger
This year, Anthony, from A Very Awkward Blog invented blogwarts, a sort-of-shipname between two things I love (no, I ate warts, but Hogwarts? That’s a different matter entirely). Anthony is just so creative, his posts are always so different and creative, and he writes so much funny shit I swear…

Funniest Blogger
Yes, yes – I got this one. Selfie, from The Meandering Course genuinely makes me laugh out loud at 99% of her comments; her sense of humour is on point. And her Twitter … Just yes, OK? Y. E. S>
And the Twitter battle earlier this year? Hilarious!

Damn damn damn you’re all so freakin’ awesome, you know that? Yes, even you, in the corner, acting shy and timid – you’re awesome too! However, an all-round brilliant lil bean blogging superstar is Luna, from My Irrelevant Thoughts. Luna, you are such an amazing, inspirational and all-round great blogger, and I know I can come to your blog to find thoughtful posts, upbeat posts, and very real and relatable posts. Plus, Luna mentioned my Britishness… Yup, you’re super!!!

Thanks one again to
Elm for being so wonderfulland setting this up on behalf of Ambi, and than kyou eo every single blogger, whether you’re mentioned here or not. All of you are just so fabulous, and make my life a better place; you have no idea how much I mean that.
K, soppy L retreats…


41 thoughts on “2016 Blogger Awards — NOMINATIONS OF MINE

  1. I agree with you on the blogger of the year. Elm is just so so…(lost for words). Actually specially welcome me to the blogosphere. I mean… What beats that? I should put up my own nominations too๐Ÿ˜

    Liked by 1 person

    You can’t imagine how I shamed I feel right now. I don’t even deserve to be called a blogger at this point, much less nominated for an award… I haven’t blogged in months. Bad Anthony. Horrible.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. AWH YOU ACTUALLY NOMINATED MEEE!!! Thank you so so much โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜˜you’re a fantabulous person not because you nominated me..(wellll that too ๐Ÿ˜œ) but because you just are fabulous. No arguing, you areee.
    (WordPress was being a bitch and i had to write this twice)

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  4. Great nominees. ELM is just AWESOME! I didn’t know you were allowed to nominate the person hosting the award, otherwise she;d be on my list of nominees, which i just posted…


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