Sunday Summing Up

Damn, school is really taking over my life right now, I swear. I am genuinely on the edge of saying that I’ll now only be blogging once a week (or something like that), but I know that it will typically be practical for me to all-of-a-sudden post three times a day for three months after that statement, so I shall rfrain from saying that I will blog once a week even though I probably will blog once a week, and will repeat that I will blog once a week in the blog post that I will post once a week.

Right, so… what’s been happening? Let’s start with da big news…
I, L (too many letters), reached 500 freakin’ followers!!!
500!!! Me? 500! The big 5 to the 0 to the 0…
Yup, 500 of you simply fabulous llamas have clicked the ‘Subscribe to LlamaLand’ (sorry, I believe they call it ‘Follow’ in your language) button on my little blog, and that’s simply… beyond-words amazing and OhMyGod what is happening rn again? thank you all so so sO much for everything you’ve ever done for me – for reading, and liking, and commenting, and listening, and being there, and caring, and helping, and talking, and sharing both my content and your own, and for being you, because that’s all anybody can ask of you. I love each and every single one of you with all of my llama heart, and I genuinely couldn’t be more pleased that you like the content which I produce, and that you want to share your amazing stories and personalities with me, and with the rest of this inspiring, awesome community. How reassuring it is, in the year in which so many awful tragedies have occurred, that there is a community of such diversity, unity and brilliance here, online, together.

Now, for more news…
Technology issues
… Please, pause a moment, and just say ‘issues’ out loud, in the most posh, British accent possible… satisfying, Right?

The first of my technological issues is my laptop’s apparent inability to connect to the goddamned Internet. every bloody time I’ve turned it on this week, or even just come back to it after not turning it off over night, it’s decided that my BT internet homehub simply is not worthy of its presence, and so has abruptly and rather disrespectfully (if you ask me) disconnected from my WiFi. Of course, I only notice this when I am desperately trying to really really quikly Google something, and I get the delightful ‘You Are Not Connected to A Network’ alert.
Yes, computer, yes I am… I’m connected to a network of people who, like me, want to destroy you… Oh, look – you’re working: shocker.

The second of my issues is the all-too-common printer problem.
Need I say more?

I think I sort of made up with someone, kinda?
right, wait… I’m not the kind of person who falls out with people left, right and centre; everyone deserves chances, and the world is fucked up enough. But there are some people who I choose not to speak to, for things they’ve done, and for the sake of not making things worse. but yesterday, things changed between me and this one person, and it was sort of great.
They were in London for the day; I agreed to meet them for the afternoon. we kinda talked about shit; we kinda didn’t. We travelled around London all ffternoon, on the bubes and trains, because what else could we do? I think, somehow, things are better. Not amazing, for sure; I guess that’ll take time. But they’re better. and that’s freakin’ awesome.
I don’t like not liking people. Seriously, I don’t. If I am able to make up with people, I will. and I think that, just maybe, I did.


34 thoughts on “Sunday Summing Up

  1. i feel u about school so much ngl like the amount of work im getting is i n s a n e, but i believe in u! we both live in london n ur super awesome we should meet up some time, how rad would thaT be

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      1. Check your inbox 😝
        Just remember that your comment is public, so if you don’t want people to see your email address, you’d probably better delete it πŸ˜ƒ

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  2. Wow I wish I could be as forgiving and trusting as you. Like honestly it’s inspiring how you forgive because im a person who holds grudges and never lets them go

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  3. Much technology, much problems.
    Aww I’m so happy you made up with the person! I really like that you don’t like not liking people…you’d never like me then haha. Also…I said ‘like’ so many times just now. Like like like.

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  4. First CONGRATULATIONS!!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰. Secondly, I see that technology has joined forces to be against you. Jk. πŸ˜‚
    And thirdly, It’s great that you forgave that person. It’s really a big move, to forgive someone I mean. It takes a lot of courage. So great going L. πŸ™‚

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  5. ugh technology issues kmn. that little internet/printer rant is me at this very moment. oh hey look there it goes again, ugh. technology is so frustratingly necessary and annoying.

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  6. YAAAAAAAY!!! Congrats on 500!!! I’m right there with you on school and technology… I spent all day yesterday trying to catch up with history and med term, and now I get to start it all over again tomorrow. This year may seriously be the first year I drop a class… And as far as tech goes, I updated to IOS10 and I’m now basically unable to text unless I dictate everything because it keeps going into a “handwriting area!” πŸ™„ Hopefully things will improve soon though… When the holidays get here! πŸ˜‚

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