Woah, I really have been MIA recently, and I realise I say that pretty much every time I write a post these days but I don’t care and it’s my blog so there.
… Childlike tantrum over …
gosh, year 10 is so much more effort and brings with it so much more work than year 9, and I almost can’t deal with it, hence me being MIA. For the last week, I feel like my routine has literally been sleep, school, homework, sleep, school, homework, sleep, school… You get the picture.

I did something this week that I was – and in fact still am – super proud of. I talk a lot about how it’s OK to be proud of yourself, and I believe in that whole-heartedly, for the pure and simple reason that we all can do (and do do) amazing things, and we live in a society that tells us we shouldn’t celebrate personal achievements. IN fact, being proud of yourself is important for self-confidence, but it is also vital in recognising the good stuff that you do, and how fabulous you all are (because you all are fabulous, every single one of you).
anyway, what I did that I am proud of…
I came out as bi to my best school friend.
… Yup, so that happened!

I was so scared, and I suppose I could have just not done it, because it’s not like something that they NEED to know necessarily. But I really wanted to tell them. They’ve been such a good friend to me, ad have seen me at my worst IN PERSON, without abandoning me or being frightened off.

And guess what?
They were just as fine with this as they were with my anxiety/panic attack. If I’m honest, it almost made me cry – with relief, I presume. Like a fool, I did it over text, but I don’t think I could ever have done it face-to-face, or even on the phone.
Regardless, I hope that this little story can help show you that, if you are thinking of coming out either as bi or as gay to a friend, it’s rarely ever as bad as the scenarios in your head.
I promise.

It’s scary coming out, I completely get that; I still haven’t figured out how to talk to my family about it all, but it’s possible, and I am sure it won’t be too bad for you. There is, obviously, a huge fear around coming out, and I completely get that and respect why people are scared. All the same, if you can, make the fear stop, because you’re fabulous, and your sexuality is neither here nor there in your fabulousness.

I realise that this is a short post, even by my standards, but I am going to end it here; I have to go get up and leave the house quite soon. I’ll try and write soon, though…


15 thoughts on “MAKE IT STOP!

  1. trust me, get used to year ten and make sure you do work and year 11 will be a lot easier! also, every time you finish a topic make sure you make notes on it and file it away, becasue going into year 11 with all of your year 10 notes done is a gr8 feeling!

    also, i am so proud of you! coming out to friends and not having to hide a big part of yourself is so important and its like breathing out a massive breath of air! im glad you managed to tell yr friend bc i know i good it feels!! xx

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  2. AHHH L I’M SO PROUD I HAD TO STOP MYSELF FROM SQUEALING OUT LOUD!!!!! Seriously though I’m extremely proud of you and how fitting that it’s bi awareness week too!! The thought of coming out to people in real life scares me so much but I hope one dat I’ll be able to do it! ๐Ÿ™‚

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