School’s Back, But That’s All

As I write this, I have just one weekend, plus what remains of my Friday evening, before I return to school after a luxuriously long seven week break over the summer. typically, the weather next week is meant to be lovely and hot, and whilst i’m far from annoyed about missing that [the sun is, honestly, just TOO hot], I’m not looking forward to any of my six science lessons next week; that block is known for being hot in winter, and practically at fire-temperature in the summer months, or when the temperature outside dares to push past 20 degrees celcius.

My retur back to school looms closer than I’d like, admittedly, but it’s return brings very little else. Usually, starting back at school brings with it some initial anxiety: what if I mess up my education this year, or do something embarrassing, or make myself look stupid in front of loads of classmates? These are thoughts that frequent my mind after anything more than two weeks off school, or even after just one week during particularly hard times. Now, however, after seven weeks of educationless freedom, with the prospect of a whole new year awaiting me, I feel… excited?
Uh… L? Are you alright? Hmmm?

Yes, excited – I feel excited.
I am excited for the opportunities that a new year can bring for me as an individual in so many areas of my life. I look forward to growing academically, in preparation not just for my GCSEs, but for life as a whole; I look forward to becoming more confident, something which I’ve finally recognised as being an issue, and which I therefore want to work on; I look forward to finally acting maturely, like an adult, and taking things seriously; I look forward to being healthier, by eating properly, exercising regularly and sleeping for the right amount of time. This year, I’m going to do all of those things, because I want to be happy, confident and, most of all, comfortable with myself.

Accademically, I’m going to focus on several areas, which overall should better prepare me for exams and for future years of education. I’m going to do at least 30 minutes of revision each day, and at least an hour of revision on Saturdays and Sundays, as well as set homework. Hopefully, this will help me identify topics which I don’t understand as well as I should. From here, I want to start asking for help when I need it, and when BBC Bitesize [or other such sites] cannot help. This links in with my aims to become more confident: I currently struggle asking teachers for help, not due to pride, but due to confidence. I’m scared that a teacher won’t help me, and I’ll just appear stupid. This year, however, I am going to be more confident, and asking for help when necessary is how I’m going to do that.

Will you join me?
Together, we could all go back to school with a new mindset, and aims to work on areas that we wish to improve in. Whether you’re just starting back at school, or haven#t just had a break from it, I urge you to join me in starting a new page of your schoolbook, and allowing yourself to be happy, confident and comfortable with yourself.


45 thoughts on “School’s Back, But That’s All

  1. I join you my friend! I think this post is what I needed to have the confidence in myself to wanna become better! Also, studying for 30 minutes everyday and a hour on weekends sounds great cause I’m really good at procrastinating and I shouldn’t be proud of that!
    And I feel the same about teachers, sometimes I don’t ask them for help when I need to and that’s exactly what teacher are for, aren’t they? And yeah, I think that if a teacher doesn’t wanna help you, they’re not a good teacher. Unfortunately, I’ve had teachers like that some years ago.
    I’m sure this year is gonna be great! Wish you all the luck!!

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  2. Glad you’re excited about school starting again! You know what, I’m going to join you with having a different mindset. I’ve struggled with confidence issues for as long as I can remember but now is as good a time as any to start a fresh and becoming the confident person I know I can be. Being happy is also something that I think it’s very important, and that I definitely want to try to achieve during my next chapter of education. I’m not going to lie and say fresh starts don’t scare me, because I am terrified of wasting this opportunity to start a fresh and make sure I enjoy college more than school, but afted reading this I already feel a bit better about the idea and it’s good to know I’m not alone. So thank you for writing this L!!

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    1. I’m not 100% sure how grades work in America, but here in the UK, I’m going into year 10: I don’t think it directly corresponds. Yes, together, we can make this work… I hope your first three weeks have gone well πŸ™‚

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      1. thanks! they sort of have. I’m pretty sure it’s a direct correlation since it’s been explained to me a few times so you’d be a year below me, I’ll be in 11.

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    1. I think that trying to create positives really does help. If you can see a way of making your life better through the opportunities of a fresh start, then things can seem better, and in the long term easier. Thank you πŸ™‚


  3. I’LL JOIN YOU. (I don’t really have a choice since those huge exams are only like 5 and a half months away). Anyway, I believe in you! You might mess up somewhere sometime (you’re only human!) but hey- new year, new prospects, new experiences. Have a splendid year.

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    1. I had to move school during year three, in primary school. I can’t imagine how scary it is to move in secondary school, however, because people have already formed friendship groups. You are a lovely, lovely person however, and so I’m sure you are going to be absolutely fine! Good luck, and keep us posted πŸ™‚

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  4. I’m going back to school on Monday into year 10 and I wouldn’t exactly say I’m excited about it.. But I hope you have a good year at school and good luck with your revision πŸ™‚

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      1. im doing a split of igsce/gcse and wjec so igcse maths, english and triple science, gsce geography, french and rs and then wjec latin! i have 21 exams yay

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      2. omg no i love latin! the wjec syllabus is so easy though like for the literature themes paper is such bs like on of the questions was ‘how does ovid show pygmalions respect for venus?’ and i put ‘Ovid shows his respect for venus by using emphatic placement by putting her at the end of the line’ like literally u can write anything its gr8

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      3. OH MY GOD i had the time of my life during my d of e tbh i should make a post about it because i have so many stories. WORD OF ADVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you do your practise walk in mayb/before may u need to make sure u pack clothes to keep you warm at night because i just had a tshirt, hoodie and skins and a sleeping bag and it went to like 1 degree and i froze my ass of! (so did everyone though) then on the real thing a brought two blankets w me and everyone in my tent was cosy af so yeah. bring clothes to keep you warm

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      4. You should definitely write a post: I would be interested to hear the stories! Our practice walk is in May, so I will take your advice πŸ™‚
        Thank you!

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      5. ok watch this space for a post including a multitude of stories (including the one where we a)missed 3 checkpoints, b) nearly got disqualified and b) got lost for three hours and a plethora of d of e tips!!

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      6. oh yeah we also got lost in a field for an hour and there was also a cheating scandal, all this was on the practise walk though, so u r in for a ride

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