I Know – I Just Love My Friends

I really wanted to inject a bit of unprovoked fun into my blog today, but I wanted to do so in a creative fashion. Sure, I could have just written a creative monologue of cliche one-liners, that were so pathetic they were funny. But as well as being more effort on my part [trust me, comedy writing is difficult], it wouldn’t have been as entertaining as what I’ve chosen to do instead.

I’m sure you’ve all seen on YouTube these lyric prank videos. If you happen to have been living under a rock for the last few months, allow me to fill you in. Lyric pranks consist of one person texting the lyrics to a song, one line at a time, to a unsuspecting recipient. the results are usually pretty hellarious, and so I thought that I’d give it a go. My responses are nowhere near as funny as some of the ones on YouTube; people somehow managed to guess my obscure song choices relatively quickly, I suspect through the use of Google. Still, here they are for your enjoyment, with a variety of different blogging pals…
(Notes in these brackets are footnotes, with a comment from yours truly)

Victim = ELM
Song = Innocent, Taylor Swift

L: ‘Hey :)’
Elm: ‘Hii’
L: ‘I guess you really did it this time’ (Ooooooh, sounds threatening)
Elm: ‘Hmm?’ (Woah, we confused The elm)
L: ‘Left yourself in your warpath’
Elm: ‘I always have a warpath’ (You what?)
L: ‘Lost your balance on a tightrope, lost your mind trying to get it back’ (Mind? What mind…)
Elm: ‘Are you on drugs?’ (What a stupid question: of course I am!)
L: ‘Wasn’t it easier? IN your lunchbox days…’
Elm: ‘What the fuck’ (Language, elm, language…)
L: ‘Always a bigger bed to crawl into’
Elm: ‘I’m trying to come up with a witty response but I can’t’ (Your life)
L: ‘Wasn’t it beautiful? When you believed in everything, and everybody believed in you…’
Elm: ‘It’s alright, just wait and see’
Elm: ‘Fucker there’s something called Google’ [Language!!! … But at least you were grammatically correct)
L: ‘Fuck you ;)’ (Oops, I’m a hypocrite)
Elm: ‘Please don’t’ (R. U. D. E.)

Victim = ELLY
Song = Old Faces, Laura Doggett

L: ‘Hey :)’
Elly: ‘Hiii!’
L: ‘How does it feel when someone strips you bare?’ (I promise, I’m not a pervert)
Elly: ‘I don’t know I’ve never been in that position – are those song lyrics’ (Gosh, you’re on it Elly)
L: ‘How does it feel when there’s light shining on your every intention?’
Elly: ‘song lyrics’ (OK, OK, I know you know; lemme just have my fun)
Elly: ‘No clue what song’
Elly: ‘But like’
Elly: ‘Yeah’ [Yeah… I thought you were really with it, Elly!)
L: ‘People laugh at you, for trying to change the world’
Elly: ‘K den’ (My expression)
L: ‘It’s just small town, small dreams, the same old faces…’
Elly: ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ»’
L: ‘Still they haunt me, and I’m just trying to find a way to block them out’
Elly: ‘Oh dear’ (ALL the sympathies)

Victim = SELFIE
Song = Today’s the Day, P!nk

L: ‘Yoyo’ (A greeting, you know… Popular amongst llamas)
Selfie: ‘What you doing with your life rn?’ (Ha ha ha my life jk)
L: ‘I’ve spent enough time alone, up in my bedroom at home’ (Now THAT is the height of dodginess)
L: ‘Been kinda bored lately’
Selfie: ‘IT’S TIME TO…… GO DOWNSTAIRS FOR A CHAT WITH THE FAMILY!’ (Scared at the prospect)
Selfie: ‘well, let’s make you un-bored’
Selfie: ‘What do you wanna do?’ (Everything.)
L: ‘I hate on all I see’ (I’m blind ffs)
L: ‘It’s all mundane to me’
Selfie: ‘There’s no meaning to anything anymore…’ (Anymore? There was to beginewith?)
Selfie: ‘Omg, we need some happiness in this convo’
L: ‘But you could watch me, you could help me down the rabbit hole with you, I could go with you, you could lead the way I’d go hand in hand with you’
Selfie: ‘Omg, how could I forget IT’S PINK AHHH’ (Excitement much)
Selfie: ‘Oohhhh today’s the day’
Selfie: ‘I’ve been waiting forrr’
L: ‘Nice spot :D’
Selfie: ‘I googled the shit out of that’ (All I do)
Selfie: ‘Idk lyrics’ (Idk my life)

I really hope that these three kinda messed up conversations [OK, OK, really mean on my part conversations] made you smile, or laugh, or listen to a new song, or read a new blogger’s blog. Regardless of what I made you do, I hope it improved your day, week, month or life, and if it didn’t, then byebye.
No, no, stop reading… BYEBYE!

a huge thanks must go toΒ EllyΒ for helping me format this post to make it all pretty for your enjoyment. Yay to pretty posts, and a even bigger YAY [capitalised] to Elly.


27 thoughts on “I Know – I Just Love My Friends

  1. OI I knew exactly what you were doing, I just had to google the lyrics. Selfie’s one thoughhhh hahahaha OMGG she is so brill!!!
    Also, I have my own personal warpath. Do you? Didn’t think so

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You should really start learning the lyrics to songs, in case of an emergency, or a zombie apocalypse…
      Selfie is amazing.
      I have my own warpath: it’s called… Something, probably 😜

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This was smile worthy! Awesome post.

    One of my good mates decided to text me we don’t talk anymore late last night πŸ˜‚ sadly it was my favourite song and I was too lazy to play along so quoted the next lyric instead. Ended up to be a midnight chat

    Liked by 1 person

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