Be the Better Person

I sometimes write blog posts which, in my head, make so much sense, and then the moment I sit down to write them on my laptop, make absolutely no sense whatsoever. This is one of those posts; I hope it will work out, but if not.. Well, you were warned.

There are plenty of people in my life who don’t like me, for one reason or another. Despite not agreeing with their opinions [I know, I know – I’m simply fabulous], I have no issues with them not speaking to me; if they aren’t prepared to accept me for who I am, then I’d rather not involve myself with them. After all, there is only so far I can go down the route of education, in regards to educating them about people, or more specifically, diversity.

What I do have an issue with, however, is when an individual takes their dislike towards me and spreads it to others around them. Everyone has their own opinions, and everyone has their own opinions on other people. We all have that one friend who’s friends with that other person who we don’t like, but we like the mutual friend, right?
Just because I refuse to fight fire with fire, and spread vicious rumours about people whom I dislike, I’m automatically branded whatever type of resin a ‘hater’ wishes to brand me as. Just because my voice can’t be heard, doesn’t make it irrelevant. People listen to what they can hear, and if they can only hear one story, they’d rather accept that than dig any deeper to hear an alternative tale, after all. Over time, this can beat you down, push you into a corner and tape your mouth shut, because who’s listening anyway?

I’m in this situation at the moment, and I wanted to try and give some advice to anyone else in a similar situation, however unlikely this is.
You’re the better person. The knowledge that your behaving as you should, you’re sticking to your morals, and you’re being the grown up in this situation. Those who are your true friends will stick by you, even if it does involve slightly more effort on their part, in order to hear your story. Those friends who instantly turn against you aren’t even worth thinking about: they clearly cared about you, especially when you needed them the most, didn’t they?

Even if you’re not in this situation, or a similar one, take this piece of advice from this post: be the better person. If someone’s trying to start an argument with you, remain calm, and don’t rise to it. If someone’s talking about you behind their back, please don’t do the same to them – what makes you any better than them, if you decide to do that? If someone hits you, don’t hit them back.

Fighting fire with fire causes an inferno, and in infernos, everyone gets hurt.


13 thoughts on “Be the Better Person

  1. Shit, I really need to take your advice. As you know, whenever there is an argument, I go completely bitchy. That’s not right. So thank you for writing this, and I hope the situation clears up, whatever happens, you’re the better person, because you know that fighting fire with fire is useless and only hurts more people.

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  2. Hi, I’ve just seen your blog and I think it’s really cool. And yeah, this advice is gold. I hate it looking like you’re in the wrong when really it’s them spreading hate and you being the good person.

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