Plans? You’re Joking…

As I start writing this, it’s kinda late, and I’m just sat up in my bed, laptop on my lap, earphones in and brain at work. The house itself is quiet, and my keyboard is relatively loud in the almost silent, still air. Even the street outside is abnormally quiet, the houses subdued in some sort of mid-week slumber.

This Saturday, i’m taking a daytrip down to Brighton, a city in the south of England. I swear, I’m genuinely so excited: I’ve always loved Brighton, both for the beach and, of course, the shopping, and so any opportunity to go there is like a miracle to me. I thought that, before I go, i’d just talk about some of the things I’m going to [hopefully] do there, and what i’m taking with me etc… Almost like a lifestyle post, I guess, but without the expertees!

First off, however, i’d like to put a super quick request out there: if you live in or around Brighton, or have visited the city, can you give me any suggestions of places to go, or things to do? I’ve been there plenty of times myself, but as I’m sure you’re aware, you never know all there is to know about a place, and i’m eager to see just how much I don’t know. Maybe you know a restaurant or a café; a certain shop that you love; a stall on the pier which is particularly amazing; a stretch of beach which you always visit; a park which is just beautiful. Even if it’s only special to you as an individual, I’d love to hear about it, and maybe pay it a visit myself. If you’re happy to share, drop a comment below with a place which you think I should visit, or something that you think I should do in brighton, and I’ll do my very best to go there/do that, and get photographic evidence to prove it.

I’m going down on the train from London on Saturday morning, which is exciting. I always feel that arriving into a place by train beats going by car anyday; the whole rail experience just adds to the day itself. Stepping out of a train station into an entirely new scene from that which you left behind at your departure point is, somehow, just so magical, and most definitely starts the day off on a high note, so long as the train runs on time [cough, cough, Southern].
For the train journey itself, I’ll of course have my phone and my earphones, which I’ll probably use to watch something on iPlayer, or to listen to a podcast or two with. After all, there are only so many station announcements on that train that my poor, beloved ears can handle.

When I’m in brighton itself, I really want to go to the beach. It’s summer break for schools here in the UK, and so it will probably be busy, but that almost adds something to the whole atmosphere: kids and adults united by their love of the beach, in the moment where suddenly, everyone’s a child again, building sand-castles and paddling in the sea, squealing the minute a wave heads their way. Admittedly, Brighton is far from a sandy beach, but that makes it no less enjoyable, let me tell you that.
I also want to get some shopping done in Brighton. Their is an area of the city called The Lanes, which I will try to get some pictures of whilst I’m there on Saturday. Basically, though, it’s small, cobbled walkways, lined on each side by tiny, independent shops selling all sorts of products, from jewellery to clothing, from bags to stuffed toys. You can find such a wide array of things in The Lanes, and it’s just so beautiful and atmospheric. As with any city, there is also a shopping centre which, for a reason unknown to even me, I absolutely adore. Many people say that once you’ve seen one shopping centre, you’ve seen them all, but Brighton is different. Again, I think the atmosphere has a whole lot to do with that, along with the people and the sea – always a brilliant atmospheric feature.

Although it’s summer here in the UK, the weather isn’t meant to be amazing on Saturday. Sure, it’s not going to be horrible,and stormy or anything, but it’s not going to be as hot as the weather we’ve all been experiencing here over the last couple of weeks or so. Due to this, I think i’m going to wear some blue jeans, a t-shirt and a zippy jacket. At least that way, if the weather is nicer than I expect, I’can take off my jumper, rather than being unprepared and consequently disgustingly sweaty. I honestly doubt that i’ll take a great deal more than my phone, earphones, wallet and keys; I’ll almost definitely return to the train station on my way home with carrier bags full of shopping, so I may as well at least arrive lite, right?

Wherever I end up in brighton on Saturday, I will do my very best to get a load of pictures for you all [not of me, obviously!], and maybe I’ll even put a sneak preview of some of them on Twitter… See, I can do subtle self-promo!

Don’t forget to get your place/activity suggestions for brighton in; I know it’s unlikely that I’ll get many responses, but I’m trying it anyway…
Is there anything else you think I should take with me on a daytrip to Brighton?
also, i’d love to hear about a town, city etc which is special to you. Even if you can’t explain why, i’d love to hear about it, wherever it is!

* Realises that a random axe-murderer could now pretty much come and kill me in Brighton, should they so desire… *


23 thoughts on “Plans? You’re Joking…

  1. I went to Brighton a few years ago and have been racking my brains trying to think of places to recommend, but all I can remember is the beach, the pier and the shops which I’m sure you’ve got covered! As for my favourite town, I love Skipton which is a small little market town in Yorkshire. Hope you have a lovely weekend! x

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    1. Haha thanks for trying! I’ve been to Skipton myself; it’s a nice, sweet little town. Northerners are always so much more friendly and talkative than us southerners, and I really really like that – it’s so refreshing. It definitely adds something to Any northern town, especially the smaller ones.X


  2. Ommmmg this is such a lovely post! I absolutely LOVE your long blog posts. Since I just came across your blog not long ago I still have to read all your posts but I read two of them for now and I gotta say I am loving it 🙂 You are such a great writer. It’s like once we start reading we want to keep reading and reading until the end. This is awesome!! Also I love how you started so calmly in the beginning. 😀 Oh by the way, I hope you have lots and lots of fun at Brighton. 🙂 Enjoy your vacation!

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    1. Thank you so so much for your kind words. I’m so pleased that you enjoy my posts, and I hope that remains true! Thank you; I’m sure it’ll be great 🙂


  3. I love Brighton too! I’m hoping to move there in September if I get into Sussex uni aaaah! Yes defo go shopping in the lanes, they’re so beautiful and exiting! Also the marina is so much fun, it’s not far from the town but there are lovely restaurants and bars down there!!

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  4. I’ve never been to Brighton… I’ve never been to London, actually… or England… I don’t even think I’ve been to Europe… xD
    It’s so hot here, I wish I could wear my jeans but I’d probably end up suffocating my legs xD

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  5. Brighton – ahh love that place, okay so a) it is completely compulsory that you buy warm sugary donuts on the pier (unless you don’t like donuts but they’re actually gorgeous,) um, I remember vaguely there being a museum around there but can’t for the life of me think what it was called (or if it was boring as hell.) umm, I’m quite useless at this aren’t I? Usually all I do is lie on the beach or run away from the waves (the water is COLD.) Hope you enjoy your stay!

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    1. Doughnuts. Are. Life! And they smell Devine out there on the pier! Don’t put yourself down: it’s hard to think of places to go. I will try to take pictures of doughnuts 🙂

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      1. Yes you will, otherwise I’ll personally remind you 😜 I’ll just be here dribbling on my phone (photo of doughnut) while you’re out there eating doughnuts – very jealous ;((

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