Tales of a Tail

The shittiest pun ever, I know, but the best title I could come up with, after around 2mins of silence and an empty box. Still, it works for me, and it will work for now – that’s enough for me.

Storytime with L – WHAT A TREAT!!!
There is a family friend of ours, who lives not too far away from my house, although far enough that a car or some form of public transport is needed when going to visit. For the sake of anonymity, let’s call her Stone.
Stone is a retired pensioner, which should give you an idea of her age. Sadly, her sister recently died after being ill for several months. Although I never met her, I obviously feel sympathetic towards Stone: it is never easy losing a family member, regardlress of how long you have to come to terms with the definite outcome. On Friday, upon invitation, I went to visit Stone and stayed the night, returning Saturday evening. Friday afternoon, however, was not just any normal Friday afternoon – L [who is now talking about himself in the third person] doesn’t do ‘normal’.
On Friday afternoon, stone and I went to stone’s sister’s old house, to visit the only other resident there – the dog. He’s eleven, healthy and EXTREMELY cute; I just wanted to wrap him up and give him a huge hug because he was just too sweet ohmygod.
Anyway, I’ve deliberately missed out a huge part of this story [see, I should be a drama script writer]. Our family [i.e my mum] has of late become interested in getting a dog, to live alongside our three ‘cats’, a term I use loosely. Of course, when stone mentioned the now ownerless, and essentially homeless dog, Mum couldn’t outright refuse.
And so back to Friday afternoon, during which I went to visit the dog, to see if I ‘liked’ him. C’mon – he’s freaking adorable!!!
The eventual outcome of this was that, this coming Tuesday, he’s coming to our house for a three day ‘trial run’; we need to evaluate if he’ll get on with our three cats, or rather if they’ll get on with him.
And if it works? Well, it’ll be time to welcome in a new bed to our family home!

We. Might. Be. Getting. A. Dog.

Sure, he is eleven, which isn’t young by any stretch of the imagination. However, I’m have a strong belief that every pet, no matter how old, deserves a home and a loving owner to live with, and persuading my parents didn’t take much: they’re suckers for sob-stories. I mean, two out of three of our cats are rescue animals; that alone should paint a fairly clear picture.

Quite sensibly, I sat down with our eldest cat to have a chat about this ‘trial run’, and the potential prospect of a permanent doggy resident.
L: “Look, I need to talk to you.”

L: “Wake the fuck up!”
Cat: purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
L: (could’ve started worse) “You know your patch of land outside?”
Cat: purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (extra happy)
L: “Well, you might have to, uh, share it with another animal… Yeah, as well as those other two peasant cats.”
Cat: purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… (words sink in, shock)
L: “Yes, yes I know it’s YOUR garden, but consider it like a new animal in your command.”
Cat: purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… (happiness returns)
L: (let’s not tell her it’s a dog just yet; she might have a heart attack) “Good. Thanks for your time.”

I think we dealt with that VERY well indeed, don’t you think? I belive that all parties have been informed of the news, admittedly on a very selective need-to-know basis, but they have been informed all the same.

I promise to keep you guys up-to-date with the latest, including any stories and situations which I’m positive will present themselves in due course. The best way, of course, to keep informed is through my
account. You MIGHT just get the odd sneaky picture… You never know! 😉


10 thoughts on “Tales of a Tail

  1. hahah I love your “conversation” with your cat! But maybe it’ll be best to give her forward warning that it’s a dog before she gets a heart attack of finding out upon arrival 😀

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