When I started blogging, I promised myself one, and only one, thing: this blog would be real. There would be no lies, no deception, no half-truths and little white lies – none of it. This blog would be the one place where, however bad things got, I’d be true, and honest, and really me. No exceptions.

Today, however, I had to think. This evening marks the first time where I’ve had to stop and properly consider what I want on my blog, and what I want you guys to be exposed to, however patronising that sounds. Tonight, I had to decide where to draw the line between reality and safety, and I made my decision.

On my post earlier, I received a comment from a user whom I did not recognise. It was a basic, generic but still positive comment: ‘Lovely post’. Automatically, I liked and replied to their comment, after which I gave it little thought as I continued to read the truly heart-warming things that you guys comment on my posts each and every day.
A little later, this commenter replied to my comment, asking me to look at his blog and then give him a call on the number provided. This is, in my experience, an odd comment, but I thought nothing of it and said that I’d check out their blog. The next reply came quickly, and only then did I realise who this commenter was.
to put it nicely, it said that I could use the number to get alerts when this person was next going to be ‘nude’.


Some of you will know this awful man as ‘weird Andy’, or something similar. For those who are unfamiliar with him, he’s essentially a pervert. A creepy, twisted, online pervert, after innocent young bloggers. It’s disgusting. Consequently, I decided to delete these comments from my site.

But here I found a problem: reality, or safety? Deleting a comment is, however tempting, not real, and I’m a strong believer in everybody being entitled to a voice, and to an opinion. However, this comment was left by someone who I would class as a sexual predator, and that comes into the region of unsafety. Honestly, I don’t think I could live with myself, knowing that I was exposing potential readers of my blog to men like him, especially considering that a huge percentage of my views are by teens like myself. After all, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

Stupidly, I feel… almost bad, for deleting a comment, however screwed up it was, and however evil the person was behind it. Deleting comment is warping reality, and this blog, if anything, is real – there’s no denying that. Regardless, I really hope you understand why I decided to delete his comments, and I hope you don’t blame me for that.

Finally, I’d just like to put a strong reminder out there: stranger danger is real. I’m always here, promoting Interent friendships and blogging communities, but the stories of online perverts are, tragically, true. Please, please, be aware of who’s online, who you’re talking to and what you’re saying to them.
Please, stay safe.


39 thoughts on “Real

  1. thanks for the warning ๐Ÿ™‚
    I deleted a comment on my hellopoetry account earlier and I did feel bad but I saw that they had put the same exact comment on several other poems. They denied all wrong-doing, actually, which is shocking really because I could see it. Others could see it. Could they not see it?

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    1. Hey, L. I’m relatively new to the blogosphere.
      Could you please give me the link to “Weird Andy”‘s blog? (If you still have it, of course.)
      I know a guy who likes to crash websites, and after reading this, I think I know who to tell him about next >:).


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      1. Hiii! I don’t have it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
        Not the kind of thing I hang on to tbh ๐Ÿ˜‚
        If you search for the teen tag on WordPress you’ll find him.

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  2. you did the right thing! i got a comment from probably this same guy (a recurring creep, even though we got his blog taken down he just comes back) a fair while ago and i looked at his blog and realised it was inappropriate so i reported him and deleted the comment because i didn’t want any of the people who read my blog to see that comment and go to his blog as well. so yeah i think deleting it was definitely the right thing to do. i don’t like deleting comments either but if it’s spam, inappropriate or just self promo then i’m fine with getting rid of it. x

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    1. He does indeed keep popping up again. I really don’t want to expose my readers to that kind of content, especially as many of them are, understandably, teenagers. I think you’re right here: some comments just have to go. Thank you X

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  3. This blog is actually so disturbing… I might reshare/mention this on my blog, because this is not okay. I think I’m going to set some blog rules to prevent something like this…


  4. That.Is.Wrong.On.So.Many.Levels.
    Not you deleting the comment obviously, but that person! Why target someone who they don’t know? Just ridiculous…
    You did the right thing by deleting that comment, btw.

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  5. You did good L, and you did it for OUR safety, which is completely selfless. You were honest by telling us in this post, it’s not bad not to be honest when you’re doing a good thing. It was creepy, and you had every right to do it, it’s your blog after all. We appreciate your honesty and real-ness but we won’t be annoyed if you did it for the right reasons. I was creeped out when I saw it, but more for other users than myself.
    So yeah, don’t be guilty for that, you did good.

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  6. There are a lot of creeps in the world who try to target teenagers and children, its sick how preverted people are these days. You did the right thing L, I would of done the same.

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  7. Your blog is most certainly real. Deleting a comment doesn’t make it unreal. In reality, you’re protecting the realism of your blog by deleting that comment. I just said “real” like, five times.

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  8. Honestly, it’s good that you deleted them. It doesn’t make you fake or anything: you’re still you, but I do understand wanting to be real but being afraid you’ll cross some sort of line. Just don’t worry about it. Also, bloody hell, he’s back? What was the username he used to comment with?

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