Ours to share – The Blogging Project: Community

Week 5: Community

This week’s post comes from
who has, through the use of Twitter primarily, become one of my closest blogging friends. Her blog is amazing, and this post accurately reflects her epicness – keep it up! I’d also just like to acknowledge the fact that I need to write a guest post for Elly [see below], and that I definitely hadn’t forgotten that… Nope! xD

Hi! I’m Elly and I blog at A Hufflepuff’s Thoughts and The Feministas! This is my post for the wonderful L’s project, Ours to Share: The Blogging Project. I was really excited to write this so I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

When I first started blogging, I was really awkward. Commenting on other people’s blogs seemed kind of daunting, and there was (and still is, to be honest) always a sense of ‘AHH WHAT DO I SAY WHAT IF I ACCIDENTALLY SOUND CREEPY OR MEAN AHH’. Luckily, I’ve mostly got past that stage, and oh my gosh am I glad I did!

I think my first comments to another blogger were actually on my friend’s blog (so thank you to my lovely friend) when I’d replied to another commenter on one of her posts. I decided I liked this person and went to follow their blog, and a friendship bloomed from there. And that was only the first real sense of community I found through blogging.

After discovering more bloggers and making friends through comments sections, I felt a real sense of belonging within blogging and the fear of commenting the wrong thing practically disappeared. I discovered bloggers of similar ages, who had similar interests to me, who were willing to flail about ALL THE THINGS and this was and is a great feeling. Even just tagging my posts and looking through tags on WordPress helped me discover more and more people, and by the time I expanded my reach to other social media I’d already found a great community of like-minded people who were accepting of me and my thoughts, despite my age.

The summer after I first joined Twitter (which I think was last summer, actually), I was added to a group chat full of teen/young adult bloggers by An Overthinking Teen (#shamelessfriendpromo) and a friendship soon blossomed. Whilst many of the original members aren’t in the chat and we have gained more over time, I really feel at home with those people. A few of us group-video-called for the first time last month, and it was so lovely and exciting and sweet and just… ugh, so cute!

Another great thing that has blossomed out of that chat is The Feministas – a feminist/social issues blog with around 10 of us running it (keep your eye out for a guest post from L if he gets round to it, haha :-P) and that is really quite successful for what it is! I do need to post more though…

Using social media has really helped me get even more involved in the blogging community and has let me find so many great people that I may not have found without using it! Obviously I have found some other people just through WordPress, and these people are so, so great at what they do, and so friendly too.

I love the blogging community. I love the people, and I love the sense of home it brings to the internet for me.

(Thanks to L for letting me post! I look forward to seeing all the other posts for this project!)

Elly xx

5 thoughts on “Ours to share – The Blogging Project: Community

  1. Loved this post Elly! You’ve done an amazing job of describing how warm and tight knitted the blogosphere is. I can relate to the initial fear I had of commenting on others blogs ect but you’re right – it lead to meeting wonderful friends.

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    1. Awww, thank you so much! I would say I’m glad you can relate, but at the same time it’s not a brilliant thing to relate to, haha! But, yeah, meeting others is always brilliant! x

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  2. You are a hundred percent right, Elly. This community is wonderful. It’s very supportive and encouraging at the same time. Also on a side note I love how you have written this post. 😁.


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