Hey, Bloggers Are Attractive


A short tale is my offering to you on this fine summer’s evening here in London. Outside, there are a few neighbours talking and laughing, a gentle breeze slipping through my cracked-open windos being the sole reminder that it is open in the first place. The humidity that has enveloped London for the last week or so has finally begun to lessen, and it’s noticeable in the welcomed clarity of my thoughts.

Today, I got hit on by a 21-year-old gay American college student, via Twitter DMs.
… Just a usual day in the life of L, dear reader: requests to become my boyfriend/girlfriend are a-flowing in, obviously …
He approached me first. A tweet, complimenting my blog was how he started, which led to a subsequent response from moi, out of politeness ‘n’ all. If you’re interested, you can still see said conversation on
,a href=”https://www.twitter.com/cwarned”>My Twitter.
Out of kindness, I was just there like: ‘Oh, DM me anytime if you need anything’, ’cause that’s jus’ how nice I am. Two seconds later, ping goes my Twitter DM inbox, and up pops his name.
… Clearly he needed me …

Again, I continued the conversation, my anonymity remaining intact and my suspicions, frankly, aroused.
‘I think I have feelings for you’ is, just to alert you, not a line that will get your fellow conversation-maker interested in you if you use it approximately 3 minutes into your friendship [a term I use loosely in this case]. Apparently, nobody had quite gotten around to informing this dude of this rather crucial piece of information – college, therefore, doesn’t teach you everything. And anyways, how am I supposed to respond to that? I mean, perhaps my chosen response of ‘awww’ wasn’t ideal, but c’mon: you can’t HONESTLY blame me, can you?

added info: he knew my age.
1. 4.
Added info: I knew his age.
2. 1.

After me telling him that he was, erm, making me feel ‘a little uncomfortable’, I sent the following message:
‘I don’t like this. Sorry, you’re blocked.’
… Before stalking me on Skype and KiK.
And blocked again.

This experience has taught me two things:
A] online stranger danger is real guys – please, be careful.
B] bloggers are attractive, clearly – take that snippet of information as you will.


29 thoughts on “Hey, Bloggers Are Attractive

  1. That’s creepy! I’ve had guys flirt with me in my Twitter DMs (or, as the cool kids say nowadays, “slid into my DMs”) but none of them have been over the age of 18 and I know them personally. I’m glad you were well aware of how old he was and blocked him; stranger danger is very much alive today, especially online!

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  2. Good thing you blocked him, creepy people these days. Once this dude, he was like 25 and I was maybe 13 kept on messaging me.. I didn’t reply so he got angry and kept on swearing at me.. So… I blocked him.

    Good on you L!

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  3. Damn. This is soooo creepy. I’m glad you handled it the way you did πŸ™‚
    Gosh L, stop overusing that charm of yours, people may get the wrong hint πŸ˜‰

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  4. Urgh! Creepy!! You seem to have handle the situation well in my opinion though, I would have been properly freaking out and getting paranoid that he was going to find out who I was and hunt me down to axe me to death, haha! Strangers being able to talk to me like that is actually one of the things that prevented me from getting a blog for so long…

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    1. Oh, hang on… Is that him outside my front door? πŸ˜‚
      It’s a scary thing, but just remember that they can’t find you, and there are thousands more nice people even just in your town/area than there are creeps. X

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      1. Haha! Exactly like that! Luckily I haven’t yet experienced it (and hopefully never will!) but it’s just something I’m quite anxious about happening. You are totally right! There are way more people out there that are nice and think about their actions than there are people that don’t. πŸ™‚

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