Ours to Share – The Blogging Project: Impact

Week 4: Impact

This post, written by
talks about the impact of blogging, both on the individual and on the world as a whole. I especially love the thoughts at the end of this post!

My love for writing and reading came to me at a young age. I was fascinated at the way other’s words could make my heart sink in despair or weep with sorrow and a few moments later flutter with joy, yet also have the power to ’cause turmoil in my mind but also gift me with valuable morals and experiences that trailed behind in my footsteps. It’s scary how deep a single word can scar a person; likewise, it is breath taking how a single phrase can help turn a person’s life around, help someone feel loved and turn misery into shimmers of hope and warmth.

And that is why I love writing -because of the positive impact it can have on a stranger. I want to be the cause of that warmth. I want to be able to be someone that helps a tear stained face realise I am strong, I am amazing and I am not anything my mind whispers to me in moments of fear and doubt. Writing can give people confidence. Give people closure. Give people something that is imprinted in ink or using a qwerty keyboard. Writing is a powerful tool which we can use as a means of education, and correcting society’s views on certain issues.

Personally, writing allows me to express myself in a way I wouldn’t have the confidence to do so whilst using my voice. I find writing and reading almost therapeutic. I’m not someone that opens up easily. The word reserved could be applied to me most times. My emotions show outsiders a glimspe of a gazillion running thoughts. Writing and reading is an escape from one reality to another. However, these two realities have something in common. They run parallel to each other where each story, each blog, each poem, each movie, each everything comes back to one underlining truth. The effect our actions have on the world. Therefore, we are able to filter and weed out lessons, advice and empathise with the persona we are reading or writing as. And that’s why I urge you all to continue reading, and blogging if that is your escape. Or even any other skill you pursue.

Regarding blogging, I love the fact I am able to reach out to strangers and connect to people globally all within the capacity of a virtual platform of supportive friends. It’s amazing really – who would have thought without stepping a toe off the shores of an island, you would be able to mingle with such a diverse range of backgrounds, opinions and people! I’d like to end this post by thanking L for this opprotunity to guest post. Your blog is incredibly remarkable (and I am not just saying that). I love being able to read your quirky posts, the ones filled with motivational words but also the more intense posts showing the courage and the capability everyone has to keep surviving amidst a not so good day.

I’d like to leave you with these final thoughts:
Words flood the screen
An outpour of emotions, thoughts and opinions
All flourishing into extensive branches
Reaching out to a soul
And to someone else’s mind
In the hopes the intended destination,
Of a smile, a laugh or a change of heart
Is successfully achieved
‘Cause even though words can trigger tears of hurt
Through hurtful oh so hurtful comments
You, My reader should stay strong,
Keep smiling
And realise for every flaw you see,
Someone else with a heart of goodness will point out
Can point out
A thousand more perfections
That exists in their eyes.

flawed_silence xo

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