An Alright Day, I suppose?

Well, today has been a rather fabulous day, thank you for asking Darling [with a capital D, of course!] A varied day, undoubtedly, but a brilliant one all the same, and a good time had by all.

Yesterday, I went on a little journey to I-shall-not-say-where, to retrieve our honoured and respected friend
Elm, fellow blogger and simply amazing friend… OK, OK, I’ll stop gushing about our leader’s flawlessness, and shall also accept that flawlessness is not yet a word [c’mon Oxford dictionary, make that happen]. Anyway, a while later [no time-scale revealed], we arrived at my house, and had food and a well-needed catchup.
All sounds lovely, eh?
* This is the bit in the murder mystery novel where the guest gets a call from a withheld number, informing them that all their relatives are dead and that they will soon be attacked by a hurd of angry cows… *

In the afternoon, we headed down to my ‘summerhouse’ [AKA shed], and did something which I see as fairly exciting – we Skyped
who I have wanted to talk to for ages because she’s just so lovely and nice and friendly and caring and sweet ohmygod yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! So, uh, yeah… That was cool. Elm and I wheeled around on wheely chairs and played chair-war and laughed a lot and just generally acted like the insane peeps what we are, innit.

Today, though… Today was a whole new kettle o’ fish.

IT WAS FREAKING AWESOME!!! I’ve met him several times before; he lives near me – something I learnt through a chat with him and a chance of screwing up my anonymity – and our paths cross on the way to our respective educational establishments [look at me being all posh, eh? EH???]
We took the train, which was cool because we’re both socially awkward snowflakes and trains in London are, um, very social places? [Shhhhh Londoners, shhhhhh…]
Fibit was amazing! He met us at the station, and we went to get a hot chocolate [or a FruitShake, in the words of Fibit], and just chatted like teenagers. It felt sort of rebellious, as we knew we weren’t meant to be meeting up: neither of my parents nor Elm’s parents would ever have agreed to our little gathering. All the same, it was so cool just to laugh and smile with people who, for once in my life, I can relax and be myself around, without really worrying that they secretly hate me, or I’m being an idiot with. Despite the secretive nature of the whole thing, it’s a scene that I will cherish and always remember, because it was just so perfect – cliche, I know, but true, in some sort of this-kind-of-idealistic-situation-doesn’t-happen-to-people-like-me way.

After that, we went to some shops in town, including a sweet shop, and just talked. It wasn’t like serious, deep conversation, but that was absolutely great – just talking like normal, average teenagers on a normal, average trip around town. Sure, guiding two blind people must have been fun for Fibit, and for that I can only apologise: even I found it stressful! But I loved it, because it was funny; I just haven’t laughed that much for such a while. Life’s been a bit serious and not so good recently, but today, all of that just floated away somewhere far, far away for a few precious hours.

Of course, all that had to come to an end at some point, and it ended with a group hug outside the train station – just like the movies, no? What a terrific end to a fabulous morning!

But that is not all…

This afternoon, we went for afternoon tea at this super-posh hotel. I’ve never had afternoon tea before, and never been to a super-posh hotel either, so this whole thing was a new experience for me. Elm came too, of course: that’s primarily why we went, to be honest; not because Elm’s posh, but because she’s a friend of mine and it was a nice thing to do together. We were served by a European man who’s accent was just amazing, but whom I was too scared to speak to and ask about his nationality. Both Elm and I drank Earl Grey tea [in the spirit of being classy ‘n’ all] from petite, China mugs outside, under a canopy. This experience was made all the more beautiful by the sun – yes, Brits, the sun made an appearance today, and it was smashing! [Excellent word choice there, L, excellent…]
Soon enough, a cake-stand thing [that’s the best that I could come up with], with three revolving plates, made its way to our table.
… OK, stop. That makes it sound like it came all by itself, tottering along on the uneven ground below us. It did, unfortunately, not do this; it was escorted by the afore-mentioned European man…
The bottom plate was full of mini sandwiches: some with egg, some with salmon and cream cheese and yet more with cream cheese and cucumber. Above them lay scones with jam and fluffy cream, and above them were slices of carrot cake, chocolate eclairs, and meringues with fresh strawberries and cream atop them. Not bragging, of course, but it was AMAZING! I could very easily get used to that kind of food, thank you very much!!!

Elm goes home tonight, but I’m seeing her again tomorrow – it’s a lot of time together in one week, I know, but it wasn’t initially planned to be like that. In the meantime, I guess we’ve just got a whole lot more to talk about, with Fibit too, in what we have decided to refer to as the Real Life Blog Squad… Hurrah for Whatsapp groups, eh?


19 thoughts on “An Alright Day, I suppose?

  1. WOOOWWW I WANT TO MEET BLOGGERS NOWWWWWWW. Seriously though that’ll be amazing to meet people outside of a screen. Shame everyone would retch at my appearance of a bunion toe

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