Ours To Share – The Blogging Project: Expression

Hey guys, my name is InspiredTeen and my blog is lifeofaninspiredteen.wordpress.com. The lovely L decided to do a new guest post/blogging series in which the whole blogosphere come together and each write a different post about specific things they enjoy when it comes to blogging and I thought it was such a great idea and I couldn’t wait to get involved! So I e-mailed L and he was very happy for me to be part of it. So here I am, writing this guest post for you and I have to say I feel absolutely honoured. I found L’s blog a bit more than a month ago (around the time when I started my own blog) and I loved his posts and found them really engaging and I absolutely fell in love with the way he observed and wrote about the world so to be here today writing a post on his blog, one that I have admired since my blog began is just so incredible and I am so grateful and honoured to be here so I really hope you enjoy this post as much as I have enjoyed writing it 🙂

My post today is going to be about expression. Under the European Convention of Human Rights Act (something that may not be part of UK law for very much longer so let’s make the most of it while we can) you have the right to freedom of speech. But it’s very difficult even with the freedom of speech act to feel you can actually make a difference with your words, I feel like through this blog not only have I been able to voice my opinion and know that people are hearing and listening to me beyond the tiny living room in my house but it has given me the opportunity to start conversations with people that feel the same way that I do and that can be a very inspiring and empowering thing to experience. Politics wise the area I live in does not share my views, my views are in the minority so it’s very unusual to be able to converse with people who share my own views. However, since starting this blog I have been able to talk to a whole range of people who share my views and have really interesting things to say on certain topics and I don’t feel scared to express my own views on my blog – whereas in real life I’m sometimes scared to voice my own opinions because I don’t want to end up in arguments with people as that’s not very nice, but you can avoid having arguments on a blog just by ignoring or not responding to a comment; luckily I have not had any arguments or disagreements with people on my blog yet – thank god!

You can literally express whatever it is that you feel like expressing and you don’t have to worry about it because your blog should be for you, no one else, so if there’s something you want to talk about you can just talk about it without giving a seconds thought. In real life when I want to talk about something I spend ages analysing it in my head before saying it in case no one will be interested.

I guess this post is about freedom as well as expression because we have the freedom of expression. I love how we have the freedom to write and say literally anything and whilst doing so we get to be supported by fellow bloggers and peers, as well as older and younger people and people from all over the world.

Expressing our own lives, I feel, is a very interesting thing to not only write but also to read – especially given that people all over the world can read what you write – as it’s very hard to imagine what life is like for other societies and cultures but by expressing our lives through blogs we can read about what it’s like for people in other areas of the world and even people living in our own country but from completely different backgrounds and with completely different experiences in life. We can express our experiences and share advice with other people, I particularly love reading ‘blogging tips’ posts as I feel they can be very helpful even if your blog is already very mildly successful, hearing about other people’s experience and things that worked for them is always inspiring and useful.

The best thing is when people express things that everyone wonders about, for example, I recently did a post on the philosophy of life and that’s something that everybody wonders about especially at the teenage age that lots of bloggers are at and to be able to express our views and ideas about it and read other people’s views and ideas about it is a very useful thing when you’re young and trying to come to grips with the world and what everything really means. It’s also a very great thing to know that you’re not alone, I don’t know about everybody else but I quite often feel things that I wonder whether other people feel or whether it’s just me and I’m going a bit crazy so when people express their ideas and views on the topics that I wonder about I know it’s just normal teen thoughts and it’s not just me and that other people are feeling it too.

I really hope that if you are a fellow blogger you know what I’m talking about and agree with me, if you can relate to this please leave a comment down below! I will be checking back here frequently for a few days to respond to any comments! If you aren’t a blogger but you have been considering it and what I’ve written sounds cool to you then I really suggest you take the next step and start a blog! If you need advice on how to start a blog, get views and followers there is lots of advice and posts about it out there that you can go and read – do a bit of research or you can just go with instinct and start it without any advice or tips which is what I did, I’m not saying it’s the best way to do it but it worked for me!

Please remain on this blog and check out some of L’s wonderful posts and then once you’ve finished feel free to go and check out my blog – lifeofaninspiredteen.wordpress.com

I really hope you enjoyed this post – if you did give it a like! Follow L for more amazing posts and series’, unless you already are – which you should be!

It’s been an absolute honour writing this post for you and having L let me write it on his blog, I’m so grateful!

That’s all for now!

Inspired Teen 🙂

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