Ours to Share – The Blogging Project: Judgment

Week 2: judgement

This post, written by the fabulous pair over at
Life of Teen Girls
discusses the brilliance that is the lack of judgement in the blogging world. I think that this is one topic which we all appreciate daily, and I think this post will really remind you of that.

Hey guys! So we are Liss and Dani from the blog Lifeofteengirls , and first off we would like to thank the wonderful L for letting us be apart of this amazing project. Secondly, we’d like to talk about our favorite part of being bloggers. We’ve all heard the saying “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover”  but this is a completely unrelalistic statement. We’ve all met a person and judged them based on how they look before even getting to know them. 

We love blogging because this element has been removed. Since most of our fellow bloggers (including ourselves) are completely anonymous we have been able to get to know each other through only our thoughts and opinions. No matter how old we are, where we’re from, what we look like, or our  sexuality, we all fit into the same category. Here we  all are people. We are people who are getting to know each other through our own ideas rather than our physical appearances.

We have been able to become friends with some amazing people from around the globe, just from discussing our thoughts, opinions and daily lives. We have connected with so many people and this blog has become a huge part of us.

We would once again like to thank L for this opportunity to share our love for blogging. Thanks for reading what we had to say!

~Liss 🙂 & Dani ❤

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