Goodbye: Part Nine

Are you excited for this bit? i’m almost tempted not to put it here, to leave you in agonising suspense… But I won’t xD


Wednesday 9th January

Waking up was difficult; I just wanted to stay asleep for as long as possible. Eventually, I persuaded myself to rise from the floor and find some food in my backpack. I knew that I should only eat a very small amount – just enough to keep me going – for if I were to eat too much, I wouldn’t have enough supplies for however long I may be on the road. Half a carrot was just enough to keep me going and so I put the other half back in my bag, zipped the backpack up and slung it over my shoulder, ready to go.

I crossed the room to the door and pushed it. Nothing happened. I pulled it. Nothing happened. My heart began to pound furiously and I pushed and pulled the door violently, hoping that my fears were for nothing. Despite my efforts, the door didn’t move an inch. I resorted to kicking the door in frustration. I knew what had happened: the Mr or Mrs Miles and come and locked me in here. They weren’t taking any chances and this time, they’d beaten me. Carefully, I looked through the lock on the door to see whether the key was in the lock. To my utter fright, an eye stared back at me – a blue, round eye. Leaping back, I dropped to the floor and stayed as still as a statue and as quiet as a mouse. Now that I listened carefully, I could hear shallow breathing from just outside the door! I gasped myself, then slapped my hand over my mouth. That was the kind of thing that would get me killed. At least, I supposed that would be what they did to me if they ever caught me. They’d kill me, just like my parents. Why did they kill my parents though? It made no sense!

I found myself moving my hands around a floorboard over and over again whilst I was thinking. Something solid and round caught my eye. I couldn’t think what they were! Unless… unless” hinges! They were hinges to a floorboard. Grabbing the other side of the floorboard, I wrenched it up and found a hole that went down further than I could ever imagine! I gasped, amazed. However, was this a trap from the Miles’ to try and capture me? Shaking my head dismissively, I looked down every more to find a rope dangling down, just ready for me to climb down. Carefully, I grabbed hold of the rope and descended into the blackness.

Eventually, when I’d landed on the ground, I looked around in the dim light of the candles which hung at regular intervals along the corridor. To my left, I could make out a solid, rock wall so I turned to the right and walked straight on. Suddenly, I realised that I was heading towards the river – maybe this tunnel ran under the sea! Despite my slight concern, I kept walking and, sure enough, I heard a slight dripping sound ahead. I dodged and ducked around the dripping water – I was not keen on water.

At last, the dripping stopped and I continued walking in a straight line again. Suddenly, the floor started doing something very weird. It swung left to right as if someone was pushing it like a swing. It swayed gently back and forth, making me feel sea sick. Over the next few hours, I learnt to ignore this and continued through the tunnel. Now, I was climbing up a hill rather than staying on level ground. All at once, after I’d turned a corner, a glorious sight met my eyes. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the bright light however, when it did, I gasped in amazement and happiness. Daylight was streaming towards me – I was free! Picking up the pace, I ran to the end of the passage and leapt out of the tunnel in pure delight! However, a thought struck me. What if my parents were here to share this feeling with me? My thoughts turned to sad ones – the sight of my dead parents and the horror of Mr and Mrs Miles. I mentally kicked myself for being so negative – I was free! That was enough to be thankful for.

Finally, when I looked around, I had a major shock. All around me, a great expanse of blue rippled and swirled around me. At first, I did not recognise the landscape. Only when I put my foot on this blue surface and it went straight down did I understand what was surrounding me. I was in the sea! As far as I could gather, I was standing on a wooden plank in the middle of the ocean! We’d heard tales of it back at home – the sailors that lost their way in the ongoing water; the animals called fish that ate entire cities for breakfast; the seaweed that could drag you under and hold you underneath the water forever and the waves that could come crashing over you, sending you deep down underneath the water. It was a frightening place to be by the sound of it however, I had no choice. Going back to the warehouse would be like signing my own death warrant.

All of a sudden, an idea struck me. Why couldn’t I live in the tunnel? I had plenty of food in my backpack and could sneak back to the warehouse if I needed more. The floorboard would have to be put back in place so that if the Mr or Mrs Miles came looking for her, they’d be none the wiser. Congratulating myself, I turned around slowly, ensuring that I didn’t fall into the sea. I looked for the tunnel – which I presumed was a pipe – but couldn’t see it. I spun a full circle, looking for the end of the pipe but it was to no avail. My escape route had gone. Although many things could have happened to it, I knew what had happened. The tunnel had been taken by Mr or Mrs Miles. The whole thing had been a trick and I, being the fool I am, fell for it. Really, I’d only myself to blame.

Sitting down on the plank of wood, I swung my feet in the water, just in case the pipe had dropped underneath the water. As more and more time passed, I felt less and less hopeful until in the end, I was moodily swinging my feet in the icy cold water. Before I knew it, tears rolled down my face for I knew what my fate was now that my only escape route had disappeared. What was even sadder was that nobody would miss me now. Nobody would have mourned my death for no one in the world cared about me any longer. That was the worst thing of all.

I don’t know how long I just sat there, desperately looking for passing boats to help me get back to Brighton (which was still in sight). Once, I did see a passing ship and waved and shouted out to it, hoping it would hear me and come to see what was the matter. It was travelling so fast however that it must have not bothered stopping for a small girl in the middle of the sea. When I couldn’t stand sitting and watching the ocean for any longer, I opened up my backpack and brought out the other half of my carrot which I ate as fast as I could. Still being hungry, I ate some of the more perishable foods which wouldn’t last as long as the others. Looking into my backpack, my heart dropped. The only things I had were two oranges and a packet of pancakes left! I knew that this food was my life – when I ran out, I just had to wait and die. That was the scariest part… I just waited to die.


7 thoughts on “Goodbye: Part Nine

  1. I don’t know what’s weirder ra- (that was intentional, the app likes me a lil’ bit now :}) running to Brighton or waiting in a tunnel to die 😳

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