Goodbye: Part Eight

Argh, this bit gets interesting…


Tuesday 8th January

Mr Miles still has me in this cold room and feeds me every now and then. He no longer threatens me whenever he takes the gag out to feed me. Maybe he thinks I’ve lost and will not try to fight any more. If that was what he thought, he was wrong.

Today, when Mr Miles was not in the room, my escape took place. On my tummy, I wriggled forward in the direction that I’d come in from. When I felt a part of the wall that I could hold on to, I stood up, leaning on the wall for support. The next stage in my plan involved me moving my arms in and out. Obviously, the only way to get out of here would be to free my arms. After I’d done this for about twenty minutes, the rope loosened and I managed to slip it off my arms. Removing my blind fold and placing it on top of my rope on the floor, I pulled out my gag, dropped it and ran. Finding the door it opening it was easy. Making no noise was rather more difficult however I managed. Then, I ran.

My brain was so confused and my heart pumping so fast that I had no idea where I was running until I saw a familiar sight. A policeman, walking down the road. Their hat was pulled so low that you could not see whether they were a man or a woman however, I was so grateful to see one, I didn’t care. “Help! Help! Help!!!” I called out, running towards them.
“How can I…” the voice (who was owned by a woman) came to a halt. “You!” Only then did I recognise that voice.
“Mrs Miles!” I screamed. I turned on my heels and sprinted as fast as my legs could carry me. Not looking where I was going, not caring as long as it was away from Mrs Miles, I sprinted faster and faster.

After running for a few hours with some short breaks, I found myself by the beach in Brighton. I knew it was Brighton as there was a sign telling me so. There were many ships docked here, some big, some tiny. Luckily for me, there were hardly any people here and the people who were here were not looking in my direction. I darted into a small hut where I assumed goods were stored either to be shipped off or to be sent further inland. There were piles of things in here, ranging from coal to food. Hunting around revealed a few helpful resources – I suppose I didn’t have a home any more so any supplies would be helpful. I found several tins of fruit along with some fresh vegetables and some other food and drink which I packed into a rucksack which had been dumped in a corner. Once I’ve curled up on the floor, I tossed and turned and finally got some sleep.

It’s L here – brighton, eh? eH?

15 thoughts on “Goodbye: Part Eight

      1. Heyyy! The weird thing is my nickname is ra ra the lion β€” and I got cut off, I don’t just go round ra-ing don’t worry, I’m not that much of a psycho. The app just doesn’t like me ;(

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  1. ^ Elm’s comment is so true! She must’ve been a really good runner, I would’ve collapsed with a million stitches at like two miles… I love the new setting though, Brighton is so beautiful, but if she ran to Brighton then walked on the rocky/pebbly beach, I pray for that girls feet 😬

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