Take Me Back

We all have memories: memories good, memories bad; memories happy, memories sad; memories of laughter and memories of pain; memories of loss and memories of gain. Memories rule our lives, determine who we are and what we do and say, based on what has and hasn’t worked for us in the past, in our memories.

There are some days when I just wish I could go back in time, to memories which make me smile and laugh, and relive them whith the people who I love the most, but who I see the least. In some ways, those memories are the ones which hurt me the most, because I know that I miss those people, and it makes me cry to think that we’re not in our little group right now, because they’re not here and I’m not there.
I’m always at the end of my phone, ready to talk to them, and they are always there for me to text or call, but it’s not the same. We can’t hug when things are going shitty, or hug when things are going well. There are no spontaneous meet-ups in ‘town’, because my ‘town’ and their ‘town’s are different, and oh-so-far away fron mine.

take me back, please, to relive those memories…
When we were all in the park, and spun round like kids on a roundabout until we were all screaming and grabbing at each other for dear life and laughing so hard like we were kids again.
When we were all sat outside that café and I dropped a pint of Coke over all of us, because my hands are just too unstable.
When we had to pretend to be brothers and sisters on that bus when the old lady with the broken leg kept talking to us and saying how sorry she was that we were visually impaired and we just wanted to get off of that bus and out of that awkward situation as soon as possible, and when we did we laughed until we cried and couldn’t walk in a straight line down the road.

I miss you.

19 thoughts on “Take Me Back

  1. so true i wish i could be with my friends again — we’re not far apart but now we’re at different colleges and their college is really strict so they have to study a lot and don’t have a lot of opportunity to see me. :c

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  2. Yeah, I feel like this sometimes. I have friends that don’t live in the same city as me, and there are some with whom I’ve just fallen out of touch with. Either way, the feeling sucks.

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  3. Yes, we cry. But aren’t those tears the most beautiful ones? The ones filled with people, events and feelings. Crying for when we were laughing. Life is so beautifully designed. Great post!

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  4. I miss my friends from the USA too! We all had a little group of besties who I miss so much! I did cry, but at least we have the memories to relive ☺ On a second thought, that still sucks anyway. 😄

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  5. This post really hits me hard. It was so beautifully written. I have this weird nostalgia problem where I basically become obsessed over memories that have happened in the past and it actually affects me emotionally and mentally. Even when great things are happening to me in the present, I always think “wow, I miss this already and it’s not even over”.

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