Goodbye: Part Seven

Oh my god – this is actually getting serious…


Monday 7th January

After two or three days travelling in a carriage with few stops, we arrived. Before I was allowed out of my carriage, I was blindfolded, gagged and had my hands tied behind my back. Presumably, he didn’t want me to see where I was. He guided me roughly towards what I hoped was the door. He led me into the building (at least, that’s what I think it was) and threw me onto the hard floor and left me there. I heard his retreating footsteps getting softer and softer until they faded away altogether.

The floor was cold and made of solid rock. It was extremely smoothe without and juts or crevices. A breeze drifted through the room, causing my exposed skin to feel freezing cold.

Once I’d got my courage back, I tried to stand however without using my arms, I was totally off balance and fell on my face, causing more pain than I’d had before. A terrible laugh came from behind me; Mr Miles must have snuck back in without me hearing. I took a mental note never assume that just because I couldn’t hear Mr Miles, he wasn’t in the room. “There’s no getting away you know,” he told me, as if I hadn’t worked that out for myself. He wasn’t expecting an answer – he’d gagged me earlier – but I tried to make my body language tell him what I thought of him. This is hard when you’re lying facedown on the floor however I think he got the message.

A few moments later, I was given some food. It was delivered on what I think was a spoon. Mr Miles removed my gag but not before threatening, “if you make a single sound when this gag is off…” There was no need to finish. Staying silent was the best way of staying alive. He spoon fed me some gruel and poured some water down my throat before shoving the gag back into my mouth.

This time, I made sure Mr Miles had gone before slipping into a thoughtful state. Why had I been kidnapped. He was so terrible, so sick-minded to do that to anybody! Then, a frightening thought came to me. If he’d let me see his face and know who he was, surely that meant he wasn’t planning to let me go. Sheer terror took over inside of me. Could I crawl to freedom? I doubted it. Mr Miles would catch me before I moved two feet. How was I to escape?

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