To the People Who Got Lost

Somewhere, along the road,
I lost you,
or you lost me.
A mutural betrayal, perhaps,
that neither of us is ready to claim
responsibility for.
And so the secret will live on
and yet simultaneously die,
trapped inside just us:
the one thing we still share.

somewhere, along the road,
things didn’t work.
We were close, and that was great,
until the next star landed in your hands,
and then my star fell
from your sky onto the ground
and burnt.
Oh, how it burnt,
until all that was left
was not left at all.

Somewhere, along the road,
there was a bump,
or maybe a crack,
which neither of us could figure out
how to pass without
letting go.
So we let go.
Was it you, or was it me?
I don’t know, and nor do you.
And that’s probably best.

somewhere, along the road,
I get lonely, sometimes,
because you’re not here now.
So what if it was long, long
I still miss you
and somewhere, I hope
that you might just
miss me too.
do you miss me too?

somewhere, along the road,
maybe we’ll meet again.
Maybe you’ll smile at me,
just like you did,
and we’ll move on forward
on the road together, like
the old days.
Maybe we’ll laugh and smile,
just like we did
when times were easy.

But maybe we won’t.

This rather poorly constructed poem, written by yours truly, is an attempt to express my emotions to those who I don’t speak to any more, for one reason or another. I suppose at the time, unless you grow gradually apart from someone, having that moment when you can almost hear the snap of a friendship as the tension becomes overwhelming hurts – a lot. It leads only to misplaced blame, a never-ending exchange of angry words and enough tears to fill the oceans. But, upon reflection, it’s usually clear enough to determine just why things didn’t pan out the way you’d hoped in those misguided days of childhood fantasising and playground games. It’s rarely as simple as it initially seems, because it’s very rarely one action that breaks a friendship: rather, it’s a build up of bottled up emotions, smaller, less significant disagreements and the act of growing up, all thrown in to one cauldron, bubbling away until there simply isn’t room enough for another bubble.
I’m sure we’ve all been in situations like this. There are people from some point in your childhood that, for one reason or another, you don’t speak to any more. Just have a think about why that is, and if you still wish it was that way, or if you wish that things had gone differently.


27 thoughts on “To the People Who Got Lost

  1. Hey you, that was beautiful and amazing. I relate to it so much, because yesterday I was sad and thinking about those friendships but somehow, your poem just made me feel better. Because of the “maybe we won’t” line. Thank you so much – ALSO it’s not porrly constructed!

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  2. This is incredible. I love this poem so much. There are times like this when you read something like this and it reminds you of memories from the past and you know things will never be the same again. But you are okay with it. You are okay because sometimes letting go is the right choice. I love this, it’s real and heart touching. Great work. 😍

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