Goodbye: Part Six

Happy New Year, Ciao…


Saturday 5th January

Today is the day. I had the weekend off and so today, I went home to visit Mummy and Daddy.

The train was now exciting rather than dismal. The countryside looked pretty however the city looked even better. Lots of people were on the train with books, some talking quietly. One man had definitely drank too much alcohol. When the train was safely in the station, I opened the door and carefully stepped out. I scanned the platform slowly but my parents weren’t waiting for me on the platform – they must have expected me to walk home. That was fine by me!

Walking down the busy streets brought back so many memories of good times with friends. The school brought back even more memories – good and bad – but not as many as our house. My mother’s smile, my father’s boots in the hall and my comfortable bed.

I got my key from my pocket and stuck it in the lock. Turning the key and opening the door, I called out to my parents. There was no response. I walked in and looked around the room. My parents were there, sitting on chairs. I flew over to them and gave them a massive hug. When I let go, something was wrong.

Blood was all over my shirt and the top of my skirt. I looked at my parents chests and froze. There was red stuff trickling down from their chests. A thick, steady stream of red, sticky blood. I checked all over my parents before making the discovery… my parents had been murdered. My parents were dead. I didn’t cry – no tears came to my eyes. Sadness gripped my heart. More than sadness. Who would murder my parents? What had they done? So unless… unless they were suicidal. No, they wouldn’t do that.

I ran out the door, screaming for help. However, just as I did so, a hand went over my mouth and a hand caught the back of my shirt. Desperately trying to get free, I kicked and hit at my attacker. Unfortunately, they were successful in dragging me off into a carriage. Only then, when the door had been slammed and the horses were moving off did I get to see my attacker. Although when I did, it made no sense. I blinked and then blinked again but the image in front of me didn’t change. It was Mr Miles! I knew he was horrible to me however I never thought he’d kidnap me! “Where are you taking me!” I screamed.
“Shut it! Don’t you dare speak!” shouted Mr Miles, slapping me around the face. After that, I shut up.

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