Goodbye: Part Five

This story is just too much for me – the suspense is real guys…


Tuesday 25th December

Christmas – the time of goodwill. Mr and Mrs Miles obviously don’t see it this way. When I awoke that morning, I dressed and went to see Mr and Mrs Miles, expecting today to be a day off for me. I was wrong. Still, I had to do all my normal jobs around the farm and the village.

When I returned that evening, there was a letter waiting. A letter? For me? Nobody ever sends me letters here. Who could it be from? Opening it carefully, I discovered that it was from my parents back at home. The letter wished me a happy Christmas and updated me on what was happening back at home. It was all pretty much the same as when I’d left. Enclosed in the letter were four shillings. That was a lot of money for me to have. I was thrilled! What I hadn’t realised was that within five seconds of me holding the money, it was tucked safely away in Mr Miles’ pocket, never to be seen again.

L here – I have no comment but to say that i’m ashamed of myself.

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