Ours to Share – the Blogging Project: Acceptance

Week 1: Acceptance

We only just went and kicked off this whole project!!!

We’re starting today with perhaps my favourite blogger
with a post about acceptance in the blogging community. When I read this submission, I immediately knew that it just had to be the one post to launch this project on my blog – it’s a beautiful post, written by a truly talented blogger, however much she chooses to criticize herself! You’re going to love this… enjoy!

Hellooo readers of le mighty L’s blog! My name is
and how are you all today? I hope you all are well, because being well is awesome. Indeed.

First off, thanks so so much to L for including me in this wonderful project of his (the second one he’s ever done, yayyy congratulations!) and for creating this awesomeness. Blogging is such a fun thing and it’s a common ground for all of us here. So why not discuss why we do what we do?

Personally, I’m not an amazing blogger. That’s an established fact. My posts are irregular AF and I hardly ever talk sense BUT that’s the beauty of it all. Your blog is like your own personal lil’ corner of the internet which is (again), basically YOURS. You do whatever the heck you want, it’s your choice. And no judging happens here. Nopeee. There’s 2396% no chance of any judging happening over here and that’s pretty, pretty awesome. You’ve got to admit that.

As I mentioned, I hardly ever talk sense on my blog YET all of you lovelies care enough to like my posts or leave a comment. I’m still blown away every single time someone comments on a post on my blog. It’s honestly so weird, being showered with all the love and motivation and being assured once again, that being unapologetically you is the best version you can ever be of yourself.

So here’s the thing I love about blogging: I get to be me. Outside the blogosphere, I might be laughed upon for being too lame or weird but over here? Everyone’s weird and funny and omagoshhh so amazing. I’m accepted over here for who I am. So thank you 🙂

When I first started out almost a year ago (that makes me sound experienced AF, but nope), I hadn’t fully grasped the concept of what blogging truly is. I just started a blog because my friends told me to, and they had blogs themselves. I thought it was something highly professional with everything being related to only sports, makeup or food (which is, btw, perfectly awesome). I never did think that blogging would be such a personal experience and so therapeutical. I used to think it’s all about the followers and the likes and the comments.

But blogging is so much more than the numbers. It’s everything else-and more. It’s never about the numbers anymore. It’s about all the wonderful experiences I’ve had and all the stuff I have shared here and all the brilliant friendships I’ve made.

Why do I read other blogs? Well, I don’t follow many blogs (Badddd Selfie, I know) but whenever I read someone else’s blog, I gain SO MUCH inspiration because all of you write so beautifully. There are so many things that I was unaware of but reading about them on someone else’s blog made me so much more open to different types of beliefs and point of views.

We are a very vocal generation, with technology at our fingertips. We are aware of our rights and know how to use them. We can spread awareness on so many topics by speaking out about them. And we do exactly that. By reading blogs, posting on blogs, we are spreading the word. We are making the world realize that we matter and our voices should be heard. And that’s why this place is so amazing. And why all of you are awesome. All of us.

Well that’s my two cents on the topic of this project: Ours to Share. Thanks again to L for this 🙂 I can’t wait to see all the other entries for this project.

If you might be so inclined to visit my blog, then it’s called The Meandering Course. I ramble a lot and I use the word ‘like’ far too many times than necessary. Enjoy.


13 thoughts on “Ours to Share – the Blogging Project: Acceptance

  1. I just want to add again how much I love this post. Selfie has, as ever, done an excellent job in painting the image of blogging which I feel is unanimous amongst us all. Fabulous job, selfie – I can’t wait to see your blog expand as people discover just how talented you are! X

    Liked by 1 person

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