Goodbye: part Three

this story is, by now, surely getting far too intense? Don’t forget you can always find all other parts to this story on my twitter, or on my blog – they have their own category!


Wednesday 24th April

I started my work today. It was as terrible as I’d expected; that meant it was bad – really bad.

Plodding with a horse around a field with a plough is no fun, especially with the sun beating down on you and the farmer yelling at you to speed up. Personally, I felt very sympathetic towards the poor horses who I was forcing to walk around the field. This job wasn’t designed for sixteen-year-old girls.

After that job was done, I had to deliver the produce to the local villagers. Most of the villagers were as unkind as my guardians but one or two gave me tips for being a helper; they were the ones wealthy enough to hand out money to passing strangers. When I got home however, the Miles’ made sure that I didn’t have a single coin left in my shallow pockets. The fresh produce did shock me a little, I had never seen so many eggs and pieces of cheese in my life! After a time though, they were just extra things in the basket that I was carrying with me.

Finally, I had to lock up the animals at night. It wasn’t so much lock up as walk around the farm, checking the locks were secure. This evening walk was welcome – getting away from Mr and Mrs Miles was one of the best parts of my day. However, I knew that if I stayed too long, they’d know something was going on and would come to shout at me and beat me.

It’s L again, just commenting on the fact that ‘plodding’ is an excellent word…

9 thoughts on “Goodbye: part Three

  1. I just spent the past 5 minutes reading the previous parts to Goodbye and can I just say that 10 year old you must have been VERY interesting L! And not to mention far more imaginative than 10 year old me 🙂

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