Look, This is Humanity

I’m sure you’ve all seen the news this weekend.
49 dead.
53 injured.
1 gunman.

This weekend, Orlando has been home to the worst terrorist attack in modern US history, and it’s devastating. In case you are still unaware, a LGBT nightclub in Orlando was attacked by a single gunman, who brutally and mercilessly murdered AT LEAST 49 innocent individuals, each of which had no other intention than to have a good night out. Dozens more were injured, and the gunman was eventually killed in an exchange of gunfire just after 5am local time.

Not only is this a hard blow to America [although i’m sure that it is], but it’s a blow to the worldwide LGBT+ community, and to a majority of people across the globe, regardless of their sexual orientation, regardless of their beliefs, regardless of their nationality. One man has killed innocent party-goers on a Saturday night in Orlando, florida, for no other reason than his personal beliefs, and however much we can convince ourselves that this won’t happen again, that we’re better prepared now, we remain powerless.
Without trying to induce fear, what’s to say that a similar attac won’t happen in New York, or London, or any other city across the globe today, or tomorrow, or next week? as demonstrated in Orlando, it takes just one individual to ruin hundreds of lives: the lives of their direct victims, but also their indirect victims – the families, friends and loved ones of those who’s lives they needlessly took.

No amount of words will ever be enough to satisfy the burning feeling in my stomach: the feeling that makes me violently ill, sickened and disgusted. Besides, how can any number of words, however sincere they may be, compensate for 49 lost lives, 49 lost beautiful individuals who will never get to finish their stories? Their books were slammed closed, tossed into a burning inferno of cruel flames, the pages incinerated into nothing.
Just, nothing.
Sure, there are memories. There are photos, and letters, and memories. There are videos, and achievements, and memories. But not even that will ever come near to the value of the hundreds of lost years that, collectively, these innocent victims still had to live.
And one man did that.

Honestly, with as little menace as is possible, I don’t give a shit what you think of gays, or foreign people, or any group of people, for that matter. I don’t care if you disagree with homosexuality, for example, even though I personally do agree with it – I’m bisexual, after all. So long as your views aren’t harming me, I have no issue with them, and would even take time to discuss them with you, in a friendly conversational debate.
What I do give a shit about, however, is when those views and opinions transform themselves into acts of terror. When these views begin to bring harm to others, I really, really give a shit. Your views should never hurt others emotionally, let alone physically. They’re your views, your thoughts, your opinions. The idea of a free world is that we can all believe what we like, and I’m a huge believer in that. If you don’t agree with someone, feel free to talk it over with them, to get their side of things – I like to do that, to get others’ views. Don’t, however, go and attack them, murdering them for their views, their lifestyle choices, which in no way affect your life.

I’ve lost faith in humanity, somewhat. Each terrorist attac, each needless act of hate, just pushes me further and further towards the conclusion that humanity is no more. It makes me hate the society that I myself am a part of, because not only can we prevent these attacks, this vast loss of life, but it is our own kind – human flesh, human blood – who are causing them in the first place.

If we cannot respect our own kind, our own species, our own people, then what hope do we have?


33 thoughts on “Look, This is Humanity

    1. You’ve hit the nail on the head here, because that is, after all, all they are doing: being themselves. And suddenly, that is wrong to an individual

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  1. That news is saddening! Send shivers down my spine, I kind of am afraid of this world and these people everyone calls ‘humans’, especially after what happened with Christina Grimmie and at the LGBT club!

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  2. This is exactly what I’m feeling right now, the attack in Orlando was despicable :(. Also the fact that people are using the attack as a catalyst for islamophobia as well sickens me, he did not shoot these people because he was a muslim or a refugee or anything like that, he shot them because he was a dickhead. This is such a great post x

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    1. I agree: people firing out Islam-hate comments are part of the issue. And the American presidential candidates using Orlando as an opportunity to score political points… Disgusting. These are real lives, not a pretend scenario

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  3. It’s heartbreaking. Awful. Honestly I’m horrified.
    This was the most powerful post I’ve read in a long time, simply for its message. This could happen anywhere, any time, and we’re powerless to stop it.

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  4. I’m honestly scared. It turns out the shooter was from an area not too far from Liss and I. There has just been a really sad vibe around here. All the flags are only raised halfway and everyone has just been very quiet…….

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  5. This past month itself has been a month of shocking news one after the other.
    The UCLA shooting, the rape case, Christina Grimmie, and now the biggest mass murder in American history.
    It’s so terrifying to think that you could be going out for a night of fun, and end up getting shot. Humanity is coming crumbling down.
    I just don’t see the connection between a homophobe and Islam…it’s so easy for people to blame it on religion.

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  6. Hello there L! I’m so glad to hear from people concerned about humanity. I agree with your powerful point up there, that whatever our beliefs in life are, we must not hurt others who have opposing values.
    And by the way, correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t it the “who’s” in the last part of the third stanza should be “whose”? Hahaaa. What do you think?

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      1. You know what, I just wanna share… the first place I would want to visit if I go out of our country for the first time, will be London. You’re from London right? Your place is so amazing! Wanna see that clock tower for real! Hihii!

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  8. It’s really upsetting to hear about news like this. It’s upsetting to think that in 2016 people still can’t find it within themselves to respect other human beings who have a heart, who have family and who have the potential to be someone amazing. People are always going to oppose views of any kind, but I really hope someday soon people will learn to tolerate others who may not necessary live life the way others would. LGBT community should not be fearful of strangers; they should feel loved, and safe and hopefully one day everyone will be accepting of every individual regardless of sexuality. It shouldn’t matter. Judgement should be on character – nothing else. 

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    1. This comment is so true, and such a brilliant summary of everything we should be standing for as the next generation. It upsets me, as a member of the LGBT+ community, that people are still so unacceptaing of different people.

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      1. Let’s us place the hope on the younger generation (us) that change will happen rapidly. Whatever happens, you (and the LGBT+ community) will always have the support of this blogging world

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