It’s early here, but I’m ready for school unusually early today, so I’m going to write a post. I’m probably up so early as I’m SLIGHTLY stressed about the maths exam I have today… They never go well for me, and I really want to come out of this one feeling pleased with myself.

My last post was about people talking, specifically teenagers, about other people, often in a way which is less than complimentary, if you catch my drift. Carrying on with that theme, I thought I’d write about being waterproof.
… I haven’t lost the plot …

People talk, and as I concluded in my last post, “let ’em talk”, because there’s nothing we can do to manipulate teenage culture. I know as well as anyone, however, that it hurts haing people gossip about you, and it can really damage your self asteam and confidence. Honestly, I don’t think that the people spreading and inventing the gossip quite understand the long-lasting damage they’re having on people’s lives, because they’re not the kind of people who would ever be gossiped about. And that, frankly, is a sad truth.

There is, however, one thing that you as an individual can do, should the storm of gossip be targeted at you. Admittedly, I fail to follow my own advice on almost a monthly basis in regards to this, so I understand that it is far easier said than done. Regardless, I will say it, in the hope that it will help some day, even if that day is not today, or tomorrow, or the next day.
Be waterproof. When the rain-storm of gossip, rumours and backstabbing heads in your direction, the rain will not just pour: it will crash down upon you, sheets of water disappearing into your skin, to be replaced outside by twice as many, and then thrice as many again. If you’re me, each nad every drop penetrates your skin, finding its inteneded target without an ounce of difficulty.
But don’t be me.
Be waterproof.
Allow those drops to hit your skin and just roll off, little drops splashing to the ground at your feet, soon to be under your feet, under you. You are above them, in every possible sense. Feel the rain dripping through your hair, down your back, on your face, and just let the drops glide their way dwon, down, down, to a place where they’re no longer significant, necessary or your concern.
Don’t let the rain through. Don’t let it inside your body, inside your mind. Just let it roll away, splashing out of shape on the ground below, no longer your problem. Often, people say “out of sight, out of mind”, and whilst usually I challenge this phrase, this is one of the few scenarios where I shall not. Indeed, once the raindrops are out of sight, somewhere behind you on the ground, allow them to also leave your mind. Why dwell? It just leads to negative thoughts and sadness, and no one wants that for you.
I don’t want that for you.

As I say, I’m almost being Hypocritical by saying this, because I almost never forget the horrible things that people have said to and about me. But seriously: don’t follow my example – follow this advice. And again, I know it’s hard to put into action, because words sting and batter your body with bruises and scars. I hope, however, that this advice might come in handy, some day, some time. Although technically, I suppose I hope that this advice doesn’t come in handy, because nobody – NOBODY – should ever be in a situation where they need advie like this.


30 thoughts on “Waterproof

  1. Oh. My. Gosh. This is actually beautiful! Well done on another brilliant post, L; your advice is so important and I shall have to keep that in mind should anything like that ever happen to me again.
    Good luck with your maths exam too! They are horrible, but YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

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    1. I agree it’s difficult – I’m able to say that from plenty of experience. But I believe in you, and I know that you’re strong enough to get through life, whatever it may throw at you. Glad you liked this post X

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