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Woah, chill L. for some reason, which although I’ll say I can’t explain even to myself, I can, and I shall in a moment, I feel ridiculously guilty for not blogging for – oh, the whole of 3 days… Calm it, L.
I feel guilty because I love you guys so much, and I live to talk to you all in the comments and via email etc, and there’s always a slight fear somewhere deep down that, if I stay away for too long, you’ll forget about little old me, and this slightly bonkers fairytale will crash to an ultimate conclusion.
… But I know that won’t happen, really …
Nah, exams have gotten in the way this week; exams bring both revision and the old creeping feeling of anxiety and stress that i’m all too familiar with [unfortunately]. Regardless, i’m taking a break now to write to you, and I’m really looking forward to spending some time away from schoolwork, doing something I love for people I love.
That’s not weird – I’m not creepy, promise!

Perhaps the post title was a little misleading, and so if you were expecting some long tale that had a beginning and an end, I shall inform you now that regrettably, you will probably find no such story in this post, although you never know…
Usually, I don’t even know where some of my posts will take me to, and that’s almost one of the thrill factors of blogging for me… Tangent over.
… Speaking of tangents, I just revised them for my maths test on Thursday – RESULT!

One of my favourite albums for the last several years now has been Pure Heroine by Lorde, due to both her singing and musical creativity, but also for her lyrics and song topics. There are very few ultra-famous pop stars who meaningfully sing about issues impacting younger people, like teenagers, and I think Lorde, as a young person herself, has broken this frankly boring trend of repetitive sex/drug related music.
Her album starts with the line: “Don’t you think that it’s boring how people talk?”
and concludes: “people are talking. Let ’em talk.”
This in itself says a heck of a lot about Lorde’s views on “people”, and I just wanted to discuss what these lines can tell us, and teach us.

From personal experience, I can say that everyone talks about everyone else in a teenage group – a cleek, if you like. No one’s secrets remain private, and no stone remains unturned in the desperate search for the next piece of juicy gossip relating to the next teenage victim. This, i’m sure, is nothing new – the whole ‘teenage culture’ is not exactly a modern concept, although its place of conduct can be seen as having moved primarily online in recent years. Regardless of where it takes place, however, people talk, and I suppose looking back on generations, it is very boring – see Lorde, line 1.
There will always be some shit-talk going around about one person or another – who he/she slept with last weekend; how many nude selfies are circulating of him/her; who he/she slapped at a drunken party last night. Some of it will be true, a lot of it will not, but it’ll still circulate, because teenagers can be arseholes, and there’s a limited amount to say about the latest reality TV show, Taylor Swift and BuzzFeed.
Note: There is NEVER too much to say about BuzzFeed: it’s amazing!

I suppose, after seeing what teenagers have been like for generation now [by speaking to parents, aunties, uncles and even grandparents], we should stop taking it personally. It happens: what more can be done? Of course, this doesn’t work, because every negative word said about us feels like a personal attack – and rightly so. Just because it’s happened for years, doesn’t mean it’s right. I certainly can’t follow my own advice on this topic, because I take things to heart extremely easily, and blame myself for anything someone else says about me, regardless of whether it’s true or not.
All the same, Lorde’s very last three words of her album sum up exactly what I want the message of this blog post to be:
“let ’em talk”


9 thoughts on “Start to Finish

  1. I loved reading this, I’ve missed so many of your posts recently and I completely regret it! I’ve been very busy lately—if you can feel guilty for not posting for three days, think about how I must feel! I probably haven’t actively posted for three WEEKS! It makes me horrible, but I know I must wait until school is over until I can fully recover my name was infinitmagic here on WordPress. I just stopped by since I have some free time, hope you haven’t all forgotten me ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Exams are sucking the life out of all us…little by little…
    I LOVE Pure Heroine.
    Yes, people will talk. That’s all that people do honestly, gossip, gossip and MORE gossip. We can’t really do much but let them. I mean, we probably could do SOMETHING, but I’m one who prefers to avoid a conflict.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exams are evil. End of.
      Sure, we could do something, but what would it achieve? Our victimisation would come to an end, and someone else’s would begin instead. Result… I think not.

      Liked by 1 person

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