L, the Groupie

Confession time: I literally have NO idea what the word ‘groupie’ means, but I’m using it here anyway, based on a definition created from assumption and [a lack of] common sense.
Groupie [L style]: Someone in a group – simples!

Today, in Music, we had to work in groups to create this piece of music – who would have guessed, in a music lesson, that we’d be creating music? Shocking…
Group work, if you’re me, can be a little awkward: if I don’t know people well, I can really struggle to work in a group with them. I go all quiet and just do as I’m told; it’s easier than trying to fit in, normally. This usually means I end up with an easy-ish part [because I don’t want to complain], and the others spend the time having a laugh together whilst I’m too frightened to join in.
Today, however, was different.
Very, very different.
From the word ‘go!’, I realised that this group was different. They instantly found ways to include me in conversation, asked for my ideas and chatted as a group, including me in everything. It wasn’t like patronising inclusion, or pity-the-blind-kid: they actually got me involved as if nothing else was to be expected.

I laughed and made jokes; spoke up and listened equally; had a direct influence on the end result of our musical work. It felt amazing, and I loved it. It just made me think how brilliant it can be to work with others, in a group, when you all work well together and everyone’s in it not for themselves as individuals, but for the group as a whole.

And how fantastic it felt to laugh at school…
Exam pressure, and general pressure of schoolwork has really got me down recently, but it felt incredible to laugh alongside people who actually, at one point, called me their ‘friend’, and just to relax. Music is, for sure, one of my favourite subjects at school, and so I guess the whole thing was that much better because we were working on something that I enjoy, and love.

If you get the chance, maybe try working with people in class – or work – who you wouldn’t usually think of working with. People are nice; I’ve said that before. Maybe you’ll be surprised…

Before I sign off, I have a small little announcement for you guys. i’m taking a blogging break…
There, there: let L wipe away those tears for you.
It’s only for a week, I promise, and i’ll be back before you even know I’m gone… Almost, anyway. I’m going to France on Saturday 28th, and return on June 04th, and whilst I’m there, I won’t be able to blog. I will, however, attempt to keep Twitter up-to-date with statuses and pictures of where I am. You can either find those updates on Twitter, by following me
or by checking my
Blog’s Homepage
for my twitter timeline. I will try and post on 04-05 June, as I know you’re all going to miss me ever so much!!!

Don’t miss me too much, and remember that I’m always available for a twitter, email or Kik chat – just pop up and say hello,whenever you like -even this coming week!

Have a fabulous week, and i’ll be back soon


9 thoughts on “L, the Groupie

  1. Oh I don’t think you want to be a groupie ๐Ÿ˜€ the definition is basically usually; Women that bands or male artists have with them for one reason only! We all know what that one reason is. There are just bad connotations with the word.

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  2. I can totally relate with you on the note of group work being awkward. It’s really hard to get yourself and your ideas noticed. But I’m SO glad you had a great time with your group ๐Ÿ™‚ Music is the best subject ever!!!!

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