Behind It All

First, a huge and sincere thank you to each and every one of you who liked and commented on my last post. Achieving 300 followers means a lot to me, not just because 300 is a huge number – although that is true -, but because I can say from the bottom of my heart that I love, believe in and trust each and every one of you. That is, I think you’ll agree, something incredibly special in itself.

Do you ever wonder what you rely on, truly? If you stripped back the intricately-designed curtain of life from it’s position, what would make up the plane, simple and yet utterly necessary brick wall of your existence? What are the elements of your life that you sincerely couldn’t live without?

I think my first one would definitely be my friends. I have friends in a lot of different situations: some I see regularly; some I have a text-and-phone friendship with; some that I speak to through posts just like this one, on my blog. each one of them – of you – means something to me, something unique and special, all relevant in so many ways. together, we laugh and we cry, share and advise, catch and are caught. But through it all, we’re always there for one another, and that’s something I rely on an awful lot: the knowledge that when I slip up in life, there is someone who believes in me who will put themselves out to catch me, point me in the right direction and see me safely on my way to the next stage.

The second element of my life-wall is travel. As much as I could pin it down to a car, or a train, or a boat, I think travel is an entity in itself, and one that means an incredible amount to me as an individual. I can’t help but think it so amazing that you can visit so many places, and that each different place – even each different street – has it’s own culture, atmosphere and society. There’s always something new to discover, somewhere new to visit and explore, and someone new to talk to in each new location. If one place goes wrong, you can just pack up, board the next bus or express railway service, and arrive somewhere new, a fresh canvas before you, just waiting to be decorated.

The third and final element has to be art. Again, rather vague I agree, but most art forms are important to me for similar reasons. Whether it be literature – a good book -, music – a meaningfull album -, or theatre – a beautifully performed show -, there is nothing that can make us feel such strong emotions as art can. It’s mysterious power of emotional control and meaningfulness completely overwhelms us, causing us to be powerless against its powerful grip. Art can tell us stories – both true and fictional -, give us new ideas, inspiration and thoughts, and has the ability to bond us together, to make us feel like one piece – one, complete jigsaw puzzle. Art has the power to wharp our perception of reality, to make us forget for a set amount of time what is real, and what is pure imagination. That, to me, is a beautiful lie.

I’d love to hear what the elements – or maybe just one element – in your wall of life are. Let me know in the comments below – I can’t wait to hear about them!


28 thoughts on “Behind It All

      1. Not even Gonna lie: I only just saw the second part of your original comment! That is so sweet of you, and so kind to think of me: give me a little more info, but I’m definitely interested πŸ˜€

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      2. thanksss! And I guessed that you didn’t read the second post! XD! And the new blog is a teen blog where you can share your stories or even write posts about the things teens face! πŸ™‚

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  1. Your wall of life contains pretty much all of the elements I’d want in MY wall of life.
    Also- wall of life. That is a beautiful phrase. It’s music to my non-metamorphical life.

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