OOOH, an Update, I Give You

Long time, no post, if by ‘long time’, you mean anything more than a day or two. I just haven’t had any motivation or inspiration over the last couple of days to be honest, but I’ve got a couple of small things to write about today, so here we go – get comfortable!

First, Hopeless Romantic
Oi, did you think I was describing myself?
But true…
On the new Meghan traighnor album [which I’m kinda obsessed with], there’s a song called
Hopeless Romantic.
It’s a brilliant song, yes, but it also seems to sort of sum up my love life in a song – even in a song title, almost. You should check it out, even if you’re not a huge fan of Meghan Traighnor; I wasn’t before this song, and even now I can’t say i’m a huge fan of ALL of her work… Although c’mon, No is a TUNE!

Now, nest part: friends. Remember that friend I fell out with at Christmas?
Rather than redirecting you to hundreds of other posts re: friend, I will sum up the situation in a couple of brief sentences. He said a lot of things to people about me – things that he should never have said and things that, in hindsight, I should never have trusted him with. Anyway, we were kind of over that, and although we weren’t proper friends again, we were talking, which I suppose is something. Anyway, we had a slight argument on Tuesday [I think] over bus travel.
I know, how insignificant…
Anyway, he eventually decided to ignore me for the night, which was acutally the mature and sensible thing to do, because although I still believe that I had a point, I was probably being a bit blunt and rude about it. Now, however, he has, in my opinion, taken it too far, by proceeding to ignore my apology messages for the last three days.
I don’t mean to sound abrupt, but how childish can you be? Sure, we’ve had our ups and downs, and a huge ‘down’ in December, but that’s certainly no reason to just cut off from a friend. I’ve helped him through so much shit, and he has done the same for me – there’s no denying that. I just sort of feel cheated here, or like I didn’t mean a thing to him, ever.
Maybe it’s just me…
So, what I’m asking you is this: how would you resolve an argument between two friends, without physically visiting? that isn’t really possible in this case; he lives several hundred miles away from here. Do you think i’m being to impatient, or demanding, or is he being childish? I don’t mind whichever you feel: I’d rather find out if I’m being a complete arsehole here.


18 thoughts on “OOOH, an Update, I Give You

      1. It’s not creepy. It’s more like a…. MYSTERY! Why do I always assume things are always mysteries and conspiracies? Hahaha

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  1. You’ve apologized which is a very mature and sensible thing to do. He maybe is not ready to put this behind him, but that’ll probably come. If it doesn’t, he’s being really childish and you know you’ve done everything you could already. I hope this helped xx

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  2. I agree, this person is being really childish and has taken it too far. You’ve already apologized (quite a few times) and well, he just needs to let it go. Once he comes running back to you, tell him: “Nah to the ah to the no, no, no, My name is no, My sign is no, My number is no.
    YOU needed to let it go”.

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