Count the Small things

It hasn’t even been that long, and yet I feel like I haven’t written a post in ages. I actually WROTE my last three posts on Saturday, and posted them Sunday, so I suppose it has actually been 4 days for me.

Small things – small, positive things – can really change your day for the better. I know it’s kinda cliché, but I don’t think your day has to go unbelievably well for it to be a good one. The little things that happen in that day, along with a positive mindset, can really change your day for the better.

Yesterday, for example, I travelled to school independently for the first time [go me], and it felt amazing to know that I could do that, and I did do that without an issue. As well as that, I had chemistry, my least favourite lesson.
But the morning – traveling to school – somehow made chemistry more bareable, because I was in that super good mindset.

So, although we may hate some lessons or things we do in our social life, maybe being in a better mindset makes them better. I think, for example, that when I walk into the chemistry classroom that I immediately switch to the mindset of “I hate chemistry and I’m shit at it”, which therefore does, indeed, make me shit at it and therefore hate it more. But yesterday, when I walked in feeling really good and proud of myself and happy, the lesson went by quicly, and I actually understood the work. sure, it could be coincidence, but I’m sure the fact that a little good thing had occurred that day had something to do with it.

Am I making sense?

Mindsets can change bad things, not necessarily into good things [although you never know…], but into bareable things, and I believe that the way we think about things can affect how we act towards them.


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