Keeping Your Head Up

Sometimes, times are tough. I’m not talking about money, or anything like that – I mean in regards to friends, and social circles, you know.

It’s natural that, from time to time, we slip up, make mistakes, or just aren’t in the best of places. Sometimes it is our own fault, more often it’s not. Regardless, we can all become a little overwhelmed, and begin to flounder, lost in an ocean without a lighthouse to guide us safely on our path. I’ve felt this way myself recently, after everything that’s been going on, and I know how hard it can be.

All of a sudden, you can feel alone, lost and confused, scared to talk, scared to step out of line, and scared to do anything but let the tide swallow you up, pushing you backwards and forwards, scraping you against the rocks until you completely fade away. Without my blog, I don’t think I’d have made it through these last few months: the ocean of comments, remarks and rumours would not have been so easy to ignore, to put into perspective. Feeling down can result in you feeling hopeless, thinking – incorrectly – that you have no future, nothing to look forward to in life.

“I’ll be keeping your head up.
i’ll be keeping your head up, darling.”
Some people have a friend, others an adult, or a service like ChildLine who they look to for a chat and for advice that is true, and helpful. Personally, I have several friends, some of whom are in the Bloggosphere, who I turn to, because I know that they care, they’ll listen and they won’t make up bullshit to try and make things seem better than they are. I think, somewhere, that everyone has, and definitely needs, someone like this, to turn to and to trust.

And so I just wanted to say that, if ever you guys need me, I want to be that person for you. Really, I care about you all – every single one of you – so much that I want to know that you’re OK, happy and safe. I want to be the person to keep your heads up, to stop you from losing yourself in that ocean.
If you ever want to chat, please, feel free to email, tweet or Kik me whenever, whatever time of the day or night – i’m probably in a different timezone to most of you anyways. I really want to help whenever I can, and I know you guys would do the same for me – you already have, multiple times.


8 thoughts on “Keeping Your Head Up

  1. yeah that’s true. People are really difficult do understand and when they flip out, you think “what have I done wrong?” And these are the times that you really need a friend. I’m glad that the blogosphere has helped you out :0
    It’s awesome to have someone to talk too.

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