One Step Closer

I finally feel like a true human: I’m using a laptop actually on my lap – this is possibly a first for me! As you can tell, this is a moment to be cherished and remembered for all of time – I feel that a song is appropriate. I’ve just today got really into One dance by Drake, so that shall be the song of choice as I write this post.

Up until now, ever since Year 3, I’ve taken a taxi to school. It’s not like the iconic black cab – it’s provided by the county, because they don’t think it’s safe for me to travel to and from school independently as i’m blind, and the school isn’t particularly near. Being the awkward twit I am, I don’t like getting a taxi to school. Sure, I know it allows me to be so much more lazy in the mornings, and means I don’t have to put any effort into getting to school, but it singles me out, makes the fact that I’m blind just that little bit more obvious.
Recently, I’bve been experimenting with the idea of going to school independently by bus and tube [or London Underground, if that’s more recognisable to international readers]. After a couple of trial runs [one last week and one today], I’ve agreed with my family that from next week, I can go to school [not back, just there in the mornings] independently. i’m so thrilled about this, as I can finally take that one step closer to independence and social inclusion. At last, I can be like everybody else, and aside from that, it’s a huge personal achievement.
I’m genuinely so excited to go to school on my own – it sounds ridiculous, but it means so much to me and I can’t wait for next week. I’m going to do one more trial run on Monday next week, and then that’s it!!!

In life, I guess one of the things we want is independence. It’s a really great feeling to not be dependent on other people: I mean sure, for somethings it’s nice, but when you feel like you could, and want to, do something independently, it’s nice to actually be able to. Sometimes I think that people do too much for me – I may be blind, but i’m not incapable, and although they’re only trying to help, I wonder if it’d be better in the long run to allow me to do things by myself, because there won’t always be someone doing things for me in the big wide world.
Independence is the idea of a bird flying from its nest for the day, but knowing that it can return when it likes, that it always has a safe place to fall back to if things go wrong.

I am that bird.
I will fly free.


19 thoughts on “One Step Closer

    1. Aww thanks – I’m just so pleased that I can finally do something on my own, something that other people take for granted, and even moan about haha

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  1. Oh my gosh, I cannot express my excitement for you! This really is a big step and you should be so proud of yourself ( I’m sure you are ). I hope all goes well. Good Luck!
    -Dani 🙂 ❤

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  2. That is wonderful L! Independence is such an important thing when it comes to confidence and the way you feel about yourself and others. I’m really happy you could take this big step 🙂

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