People Are Nice

I would just like to start off by saying a huge huge HUGE thank you to all of you who liked and commented on my last post. It is something that means a great deal to me, and I’m so glad that you all liked it too!

Some people are really, really nice. i’m not talking in a kind of relationship-kind-of-niceness, I mean just kind, and caring. In the midst of all the awful stories we see In the media day after day after day we forget sometimes that people really are nice – at least, most of them are.
Whenever there’s a theft, or a murder, it’s immediately splashed across the front pages of all of the daily newspapers, and rightly so. But I bet you’ve never seen a headline story about someone holding open a door for someone, or someone buying someone else a coffee, have you? I don’t expect this to happen – don’t get me wrong -, but I think this lack of positive news can lead us to believe that nice people are, quite frankly, an extinct species.

On Friday, I was sat outside the music department at my school; I play in a band on Friday mornings, and I’d arrived particularly early that day, for no other reason than that there was very little traffic on the roads. As I sat there, head tucked into my coat to avoid the icy, early morning wind, someone walking past stopped, turned and said: ‘Are you alright?’
This might not seem like much at all – just someone asking if I was OK, but it made me think. They didn’t have to stop, didn’t have to say anything, and I wouldn’t have thought any less of them if they hadn’t. It wasn’t even like it was anyone I knew; I knew who this person was, but I’d neve even had a conversation with them. It just reminded me that people are nice, people care and people will help; not everyone’s an axe-murdering psychopath.

I was reminded of this again just a day later – yesterday, in fact. I was at a training session for the sport I play, and we’d just finished. After I helped pack everything away, I checked my phone to see what trains I had to catch, and at what times they left. It was then that I discovered that one of the trains which I have to catch to get home had been cancelled, and so had the one after it, and the one after that – a slight problem considering the trains are only every hour.
This obviously resulted in me frantically investigating alternative routes home, looking slightly concerned each time I saw one of my potential routes was unavailable due to, for example, a suspended London Underground line. Someone walked over to me, said I looked a bit worried and, upon explaining my issue, they offered to let me travel with them back through London to the station they were going to, from which I could catch a direct tube home.
They didn’t have to offer to help; they wanted to. They wanted to make sure that I got home OK, and plus they said that I would be good company for the majority of their journey home. That is such a lovely thing to say, and it just made me feel so happy and warm inside, that someone actually wanted to talk to me, and wanted to help.

People are nice – it feels weird to say, but they are.
People are nice.


18 thoughts on “People Are Nice

  1. We only see the bad, because that’s what the media is paid to show. The good things usually don’t make headlines. But in reality people are really nice. They are the real MVP’s. Also i love your post, ❤
    You are really nice 😀

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