All Around Us – The Social Project: Body Image

Week 8: Body Image

What a truly fabylous post! That’s all I can say…

Hey guys, it’s Georgia.
The lovely L has let me write a post on his blog as part of the social project.
As I’m definitely on the bigger side when it comes to weight, I know exactly how it feels to be ridiculed for my weight. I know how horrible it feels to be stared at; judged for what I weigh.
I’m constantly bombarded with pictures of beautiful models with their perfect figure and having the crushing feeling that I know I’ll never achieve it.
The snide comments from my family members about my weight and the fact people tend to bring it up when arguing with me hurts.
So body image. A lot of teenagers view themselves in a way that isn’t healthy.

And it’s because of these models in magazines, and the constant pressure to look and act a certain way.

A lot of teenagers end up hating themselves, and their body, their face, their skin, etc. because they all believe that they aren’t up to society standards of beautiful.

But society shouldn’t be able to have a say in what you look like.

Because you should love the body you were given.

Self love and body image. To me, they are very important to another.

You should have a good body image to yourself not society. Screw society. They don’t get a say in how you perceive your body.

And self love. You should always love yourself. When you start loving yourself you’ll be a lot happier.

So, I’m going to leave you and this blog with one thing today: you owe nothing to society. They don’t get to have a say in what you weigh, what you wear, anything. Because you are beautiful, inside and out, and you shouldn’t bring yourself down because society tells you to look a certain way.

Georgia xx

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