All around Us – The Social Project : Music Equality

Week 7: Music Equality

I just want to start this post by saying how wonderful I think the below writings from my guest poster today is. It talks about a topic, music, which I can say with confidence is close to all of our hearts. I absolutely love the way that this post has been written, and the ending… OK, I’ll stop now, and let this amazing post begin.

Hello there earthlings! This is
Le Crap, from Random Crap
, but I’d like it if you just call me by my last name. It’s cooler that way. Anyhoo, I’m really honored to be a part of L’s Social Project here. Thank you L, for creating this!

So what I wanted to talk about was music equality. Now I know that just sounds weird, but hear me out first. Music is something that is special to all of us, in different ways. It doesn’t necessarily define us, but it is a huge part of who we are and does tell a lot about what kind of a person someone is. The songs we like, sometimes have special lyrics that we relate to, or we find a deeper meaning behind the melody. It’s all very precious. Now, no matter what genre of music you like, be it electro pop or death metal, or classical music, it is like a part of who you are.

But people get judged for liking something which makes them so happy. I don’t know how it is everywhere else, but as I’ve seen it, initially there were just hard core metal fans, which shamed every other genre on the planet. Basically their opinion is that all other genres are complete and utter bags of shit. Pop is trash, EDM shouldn’t even be considered as music since they’re not played by head banging guitarists, rock is just a wannabe version of the real star which is metal. Now, this has somehow caught on, and a lot of people just pick a certain genre and hate on it.

“Oh my god, how can you listen to that? Metal is just frustrated guys screaming”

“Eww, why do you listen to k-pop? They’re just gay guys who wear makeup.”

“Mainstream music is just shit. People have such bad tastes now.”

I’m sure you’ve heard something like this at least once. It doesn’t matter which genre you like, there’s always gonna be a bunch of haters who’re gonna make you think twice before sharing that lyric. Isn’t this just wrong? I mean, that shit you can’t bear to listen to may mean something very special to someone. Someone may have worked their ass off, pulling all nighters, straining their vocal cords, just to produce this so called shit. This shit, may have given someone the will to live when they were depressed. Who are you to judge this piece of shit? What right do you have to label somebody’s hard work as shit?

I’ve shamed people for listening to a certain type of music as well. But I have changed, I think twice before deciding that I don’t like a song. I actually listen to the song, without caring who made it, or what genre it is, without being like “oh it’s not alternative rock, I probably won’t like it”. I’ve learned to be open, and try new genres. And honestly, it has made me discover so many cool artists and bands.

Just because it’s Justin Bieber, doesn’t mean it’s shit. Just because it’s Beyonce, doesn’t mean it’s good. There are people who don’t like Eminem and there are people who love Bieber. Just because you don’t like something does not make everybody else who likes it have bad taste. I’ve done my fair share of Bieber mocking too, but I won’t hesitate to say that his new album is actually good. But a lot of people still won’t even listen to it, just because it’s him. Music changes, times change and you should be able to receive all the amazing work that is out there. Let your ears be blessed, have an eargasm. Don’t be stuck with just one genre, and even if you are, don’t shame someone else for liking something different. There’s no such thing as bad taste, only different ones.

13 thoughts on “All around Us – The Social Project : Music Equality

  1. Gosh, I agree with this. As an avid music lover, I have subconsciously judged people including my friends on their music taste. It’s time for me to change and grow, and learn to appreciate all types of music. And I’m going to try not care that just because it’s by a specific artist, I’m not going to listen to it.
    Great post Crap x 🙂 All music is wonderful.


  2. I love this! And I don’t think there’s a such thing as good/bad taste either, because that differs for everyone! 🙂 no point making fun of someone because they don’t like the same music as you


  3. THANK YOUUU SOOO MUCH FOR LETTING ME BE A PART OF THIS WONDERFUL PROJECT, L !!! i can’t wait to read all of your posts ! and sorry i couldn’t comment earlier.


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