A Super-Quick Message to Any and All Llamas

I literally have like 5 minutes, so prepare for very quick incoming message from your leader, moi:

This week, I’m going to two blind camps – TWO, I know! How on earth will I survive, surrounded by ‘blind’ people all week? ‘Blind’ people are people who play up their blindness sort of, or try and get pity from every other blind person… Help me live, please!
Regardless, this sadly means that your llama leader, otherwise known as either L, or moi, will be away from the Bloggosphere until sunday, possibly Monday!
Don’t cry… It’ll be OK, I promise.
I have informed all doctors across the globe, and so if you are suffering withdrawal symptoms, I’m sure your local doctor will be more than happy to tell you to fuck off.

Wish me luck, guys: i’m going to need it, and I haven’t even got Elm with me to keep me sane!!!


18 thoughts on “A Super-Quick Message to Any and All Llamas

    1. That is so sweet: thank you! I will keep my Twitter updated if I can, although I always say that I never do… I just end up retweeting cute pictures of kittens

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