All Around Us – the Social Project: The Refugee Situation

Week 5: The Refugee Situation

This post, by
Just A Blank Space
adresses the very current crisis relating to refugees.

First things first my name is Just A Blank Space and I am happy to be able to write this. I am still learning English. It is not my mother language and I am sorry if there are any mistakes in my text.
The topic I want to talk about is refugees. You probably heard of the situation in Europe and of all the refugees that seek for a better life here. For me I live in Germany and right next to our house we just recently got a home for refugees. They haven’t moved in yet but they will any day now.
What makes me sad is that there are people who think it is wrong to help those people. They say that they will try to make us all believe in the Muslim faith, that they all disrespect women, rape girls and that all of them are terrorists. How? How can someone believe that? Yes there are some people who do this kind of stuff but that doesn’t mean that everyone of them does that. I mean there are, lets call it bad, people who do this kind of stuff in every culture. Just because some Germans can’t accept other religions that doesn’t mean I do the same. We are all individuals and please. No one risks their life to get to a country just that they don’t have to work and get money from the government. I have been in a home for refugees and I wouldn’t like to live there. They have to share rooms, kitchen and bathroom with people they don’t even know and all they have to spent time on are tables and chairs. Those people need our help. How can people not recognize that? Refugees have seen things we can hardly imagine. They have faced death every single day in their home country. They had nothing to eat and no future where they used to live. Europe is their last chance.
Sometimes I wish I had the power to help them. I already picked out some clothes I don’t wear anymore which I want to give the refugees that will move in next to us. I believe that as long as they try to be part of our culture and as long as they stick to the German law that we need to help them. Most of them do that. The sad thing is that you only hear about the bad people in the news.
I hope some of the refugees will speak English because I would love to get to know a little bit more about their culture. I don’t know anything about their way of life and as long as I didn’t have anything to do with them I will not judge them because of some stupid things others did.
I hope I can reach some more people with this post and open their eyes.
Thank you so much for reading this.
just A Blank Space

5 thoughts on “All Around Us – the Social Project: The Refugee Situation

  1. I loved reading this post. It’s great that you look at things in other people’s perspectives, a trait I believe more people should develop. I agree that it’s wrong to lump everyone from a country into a group based on stereotypes, because not everyone is the same person.
    By the way, you did really well with your English. 🙂

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