Somewhere Nice

I’m in the process of creating a cozy area in my room. What I really want to do is create somewhere which is comfortable, cozy and close to a power supply. I want somewhere where I can write my blog posts on my laptop in comfort, because that’s just what works best for me. I’ve been writing on my chair at my desk up until now, but that just seems so formal, and I want to write somewhere more comfortable.

At the moment, I am sat on a beanbag [the infamous l beanbag] with a blanket on my lap and my laptop on my lap. I’m about to put a pillow between my back and the wall behind me, to make it more comfortable. I’m just going to do that now…

Back now. I have a bed which has a ladder, so it is about three foot off of the ground. Beneath it, I have my cupboards, book shelves and such. The pillow I just went to get was on my bed, and so I decided to stand on my chair to get it, rather than climb the ladder, like most people. What I forgot is that my chair is a wheely, spinny chair, so I soon found myself halfway across my tiny bedroom, spinning in circles and desperately grabbing at the guard on the side of my bed as it flew past me, or rather, I flew past it. After that ride, I decided to climb the ladder…

So, let me return to my description of cozy corner. I’ve set it up underneath my bed, because it’s sheltered, and for some reason, that makes me feel happier, safer and more secure. I’ve selected my favourite pair of headphones which are noise-cancelling, meaning that I can block out everyone else whilst I write, read, listen to music etc. Usually, I don’t like to block out the noise from my house, because I like to know either when people are coming towards my room or when people go out of the house; it’s quite scary to go downstairs to discover that your family has mysteriously disappeared [to the supermarket]. However, for some reason, I don’t mind them whilst I’m sat in my little cozy corner; I suppose I feel secure here, if that makes sense, and it’s so much easier to write when there are no distractions bar any music I decide to play.

I’m picked a position for Comfy Corner which is close to a plug socket, meaning I can use my laptop without any battery-death drama. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but my laptop’s battery isn’t even worth talking about: it dies after, like, 30 minutes… It’s so annoying not being able to work on my laptop in bed without careful logistical management of the wire. I might ask my parents to see if they can buy a new one for me, but it depends how expensive it is, and if they’re even available: my laptop isn’t the most modern thing in the world.
UPDATE: I’ve just Facetimed my dad [because he’s downstairs, and going to pay him a visit in person would involve walking, which is a form of exercise], and he agreed that he would have a look online for me – RESULT!

I feel I need an dress code for Comfy Corner [new name]. Currently, I’m thinking that the rules should be as follows:
1. No jeans allowed.
… Ever.
2. Onesies are a must-have.
3. slippers are an optional accessories, but other shoes are banned.
4. Tracksuits are allowed in special circumstances.

I think that those rules are fair, no?

I can’t actually believe that it’s already the end of March [nearly]. It’s mental to think that we’re already a quarter of the way through 2016. How is your 2016 going so far? I hope it’s going well; mine certainly has been, and I hope it continues to go so.

OH, I nearly forgot! The interviews this morning, which I told you about last night, went well. I had to ask people on the street a random question of my choosing, and some of the answers I received were, uh, interesting to say the least. I asked one lady the following: “If you were trapped in a TV show for one week, what TV show would you like it to be and why?”, to which she replied: “Oh, what’s the name of that one… Y’know, the one where they jump on big balls…”
I reat my case: the human race has lost the plot.

And on that note, I’ll conclude this post, and send you my best wishes and kindest regards [what does that even mean?]


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