Nighttime ramblings

I’m sat at 23:30 on my floor, on a beanbag. I’m wrapped in a fluffy blanket which was given to me this evening, and i’m watching Miranda [an excellent British comedy TV series] on my iPad. My laptop is on my lap, and I’m just typing away to you guys, because why not?

Tomorrow, I’ve got to go into my local town. I’m meeting one of the radio presenters who interviewed me a couple weeks back, and I’ve got to do some interviews with random people on the street. For a socially anxious and awkward person like myself, I swear this is literally my worst nightmare and yet I signed up to it. I mentioned in some of the posts linking to my media journey several weeks back that I was doing all of this to try and get over my social anxiety, and that’s exactly why i’m doing this too.

One thing I like when I’m worried about something is structure, or planning. So, doing interviews about an unknown subject with random people on the street literally is my idea of hell. Yet, i’m doing it, and underneath all the nerves and fear, I’m actually kind of excited. In front of the microphones and cameras of the radio and TV a few weeks ago, I felt myself, like I belonged; I want to feel that again. Hopefully, I will, and even if I don’t, I’m getting there early to have a coffee [or three] beforehand, so there’s always an upside!

Where’s my cat tonight…
She hasn’t come to my room, which makes me feel betrayed – she’s sleeping with someone else. Not like that, naughty…

If I’ve got to do this whole thing tomorrow, I guess I ought to be asleep, but I’m just to nervous to put my head down on the pillow, so that’s out of the question. I’m currently in the midst of trying to figure out what on earth the new Moments section of Twitter is, and what it’s for. If any of you guys know, do please inform me – it’s just landed for me here in the UK. I think it’s something to do with topics that are trending but i’m really not sure; it doesn’t make any sense to me to be honest.

I wish I owned a lepricorn. Imagine having the Irish tradition of having a lepricorn, and also having the wonder of having this glorious magical creature. don’t they also bring you gold, and run around like the cute animals they are and am I really fanboying over lepricorns?

That’s it for my nighttime ramblings – I hope you enjoyed them… Yah.


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