Happy easter

easter Sunday has rolled around once again, and I’m certainly not complaining – the one day a year that you can eat chocolate for breakfast and not be called mental… One day out of 365, or 366 this year, where my usual breakfast habbits are not frowned upon! xD

I’m not religious: never have been, never will be. Regardless, I, like so many others, know the easter story, from the Bible, in enough detail to get the general moral and concept. Before you get worried that i’m about to burst into a religious post of self-discovery, I’m not, so calm.

In the story, Jesus, Son of God, dies on the cross [Good Friday], and then is resurrected [Easter sunday]. Usually, I take a unique stance on this, in some kind of mental L tradition [don’t judge yur leader].
I like to take the opportunity to resurrect something that has died. No, i’m not gathering people to sit in a circle around a dead rabbit, singing evil chants and spitting on the poor thing to try and bring it back to life – I’m not that psycho [yet]. Instead, I like to resurrect something in my life that has ‘died’; maybe a hobby, a routine, you know. One year, I resurrected my love for Harry Potter by binge-reading the whole series, and then watching all of the released movies [6 at the time]. Another year, I renewed my passion [ex-passion] for debating, by joining a debating club at school.

This year, however, I wanted to try something different: I want to resurrect something that will be beneficial, positive or generally good for other people, as well as myself. Sure, I’m all about helping others, but I don’t think you can help others if you’re doing something that is causing negative effects upon yourself, and so an equal balance is necessary here. Over the last couple of days, I’ve thought about what this could be: it’s no easy decision, really, because there’s no straight forward answer. Something that has ‘died’ that I want to resurrect, that will be positive for other people too…

And so, after much thinking, my answer came to me. This year, I want to resurrect my desire to become a comedian.
Seriously… I’m kidding.
No, I’m not kidding.
I suppose I’ve never lost the desire to become a comedian – I’ve just ignored that want, because I thought, and in some ways still think, that I’m not funny, or I’m too shy, or i’m just not ‘it’. The love of making people laugh has always been there, inside me: I just like to bring people laughter, because laughter is, after all, the one true medicine. From experience, I know that comedy can bring joy and a period of relaxation, where nothing matters in real life, because what’s happening now is funny, and that’s enough.

I want to ignite the fire within myself, although that’ll be quite difficult ever since my parents banned me from using matches … Look, I know that curtains are flammable now!
I want to recreate that spark, that drive that makes me want to make others laugh. And so that, this year, is my Easter resurrection. Maybe you have one too, or maybe you hae other Easter traditions – they can’t be as crazy as my one here! Regardless, enjoy any and all of your chocolate, and if you have none, have an egg instead.

I will leave you with one, really crap Easter joke, which I shall mention is not original; I saw it on Twittr:
What do you call a chicken in a shellsuit?
An egg


25 thoughts on “Happy easter

      1. Yeah… Sorry, my dictation program really doesn’t like homophones, and I’m dictating comments at the moment because I can’t be bothered to type on my iPhone 😂

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  1. This idea is pretty brilliant to be honest…
    And believe me, there’s no need to ‘resurrect’ your desire to become a comedian; you’re so very hilarious by nature. Being a comedian comes naturally from you 🙂

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  2. Happy Easter 🙂
    The place where i am from doesn’t celebrate Easter so i had no idea of the history behind it. All i wanted to say was that your idea of resurrect has truly inspired me to try to bring life to one of my dead passions. Thank you so much, you really are an inspiration. 😀

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