Listen Up, Guys

Dear bloggers:

First of all, let me thank you – the first of many – for clicking on this post. You have no obligation to click on my posts, to read my posts – to have anything at all to do with my posts. So thanks for that.

Lie before my blog was surprisingly different to how it is now. Sure, I felt the same emotions, but my way of expressing them was different, and not in a positive way. Depending on my mood, i’d either go crying to my friends, desperately seeking attention, or I’d scream and shout at my family, merely because they were the nearest people to me physically, and I knew no other way of expressing my feelings other than bottling them up until they overwhelmed me. Having the blog has enabled to me to find a platform to express myself, and has also allowed me to express said emotions in a more creative and positive fashion. By writing how I feel, I can actually take the time to think about what I’m feeling, why I’m feeling it and how it really makes me feel, if that makes sense. Consequently, this blog has allowed me to calm down, relax, think and live, knowing that if things go pare-shaped, there’s somewhere I can go to rectify that.

The first few days of this blog’s existence were, as you would expect, no different. Sure, about 3 days in, I was tempted to give up and shut it down – clearly, it was doing neither me nor anyone else any good. Then, the first few followers found this blog, primarily via my friend’s blog. Slowly, my follower count increased, and only then did I begin to see a difference. Finally, there were people out there who accepted this camp, weird, shy blind person for just that. At last, there were no judgements – I could have a fresh start with people who gave a shit, but had no obligation to. You weren’t forced to read my stuff: you chose to, and that means an awful lot.

This letter, then, is a thank you. It’s a thank you to each and every one of you who have ever read just one of my blog posts; who have ever clicked that like button, for no other reason that you genuinely liked what you read; who have ever commented on any of my posts, to offer up kind words of advice, encouragement or general positivity. Thank you to all of you, for being my safety net, for allowing me to build up my confidence and self-belief. The reason I continue to write is because of you: you’ve managed to demonstrate to me that you like what I write, that you enjoy my randomness, my campness and my slightly childish snnse of humour. Before, if I’d sent a written piece – something like one of my blog posts – to a friend, and they’d insisted that it was really good, or something along those lines, I would have been convinced that they were saying it for the sake of not upsetting me, and not because they actually liked what they’d read.

The fact that this post has flowed so easily from brain to fingers and from fingers to laptop screen surely shows that what I’m saying is from the heart. I’ve already written with ease over 500 words, and I’ve only touched the surface of h=my feelings, love and respect towards you. Collectively, you’ve changed my life for the better, by showing me that there are people out there who care, and who are actually interested in what I have to say. You have no insentive to like, comment, even read my posts, bar a potential follow, and yet you do all three of those things on a daily basis.
to try and figure out why, I decided to ask myself why I read all of your blogs, and the simplist of answers came into my head immediately. Because I care. I care about you, because you’ve cared about me. I care about how you feel, what you did today, what you’re thinking and if that is, as I suspect, a mutural feeling, I can only describe it as one of true beauty.

And so, i’ll conclude this letter with the one resounding message I want to say to each and every one of you, whether you’re reading this post in its entirety or not:
Thank You


31 thoughts on “Listen Up, Guys

  1. This is such a cute post. I love your blog. Writing down my feelings helps me too. If I cannot sleep or I am mad I grab a pen and start. There is nothing more relieving. No one I know in real life understands that. Your blog is truly awesome.

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  2. L OMG STOP I WILL ACTUALLY CRY AND I’M WEARING MASCARA like no joke my eyes are starting to water because this post is so heartfelt and emotional and just awwwww omg I can’t

    Keep doing you, you wonderful human being!

    Elly 🙂


  3. I’m glad you didn’t quit. You’re an amazing blogger, and I really do love your posts. Your posts are very sincere, and well-written, with a wonderful message in each – even if it be making a mess while cooking with a cat – but each word and phrase just seems captivating, so as to where I look forward to seeing your posts. 😉 Thank you for being an egg-celent (lol it’s almost Easter I’m allowed to use that awful pun) blogger and an egg-straordinary person, keep up the great work in your blog! You know we’re all here for you. 🙂

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  4. I love your blog, and I’m so happy you didn’t stop blogging:) keep writing! We all love you very much:) (sorry if i sound like a creep lol)

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  5. Having a blog is truly amazing. You absolutely deserve all the love and support you get. You’re a wonderful person and reading this confirms the fact. You’re an amazing blogger and friend, you DO care about the people over here and that’s wonderful.
    I loved this post.

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