Bank Holiday Music

Here in the UK, this weekend [Friday 25th March – Monday 28th March] is a Bank Holiday weekend. This basically means that today [Friday] and Monday are bank Holidays, but the Saturday is just normal… A Bank Holiday essentially means that everything, including the banks, are closed – even schools, although I’m on my Easter Break already. However, if today wasn’t a Bank Holiday, I would have finished school today, not yesterday, so I guess that’s all good xD

I thought that today, I would write up my Bank holiday Weekend Music Playlist for you guys to check out, and maybe take some inspiration from. These are just the songs that I’ll be listening to this weekend – what I’m enjoying right now. I hope you enjoy this, and maybe check out something you haven’t heard of before, or remember a song you’d forgotten about…

L’s bank Holiday Weekend Playlist
Brought to you by me, L…

Cake By The Ocean – DNCE
A lot of my friends said that they liked this song, and although I’d heard of it, I hadn’t really listened to it much before. Now, I’m obsessed with it…

Stressed Out – Twenty One pilots
Again, a popular song, but the type of music had never really appealed to me, until I gave it a couple of listens and loved it. Then it was played as the song before alessia cara walked on stage on Wednesday night – I knew I loved this song.

Wild Things – Alessia Cara
C’mon, I went to see her on Wednesday: how could I not include at least one of her songs? This one is so upbeat and has a brilliant message, and I pride myself on knowing all the words [even the fast bits]…

Look At Me – Arrow Benjamin
Although I’d never really heard of Arrow Benjamin before he performed on Wednesday night, his music is absolutely amazing. I love this song; it’s just so deep and yet upbeat.

Left Outside Alone – Anastacia
One of my friends said that they liked this song, and I checked it out at about 2am one night. It’s old, yes, but it’s really good, and so powerful…

Keeping Your Head Up – Birdy
Most Birdy songs are quite slow, and deep. Sure, I like that, but I also really like this song, which is significantly more upbeat than usual. It’s so positive, and upbeat, and I just love it…

Admit It – Esmée Denters
I know that this is delving back into my late 0s supply of music, but I recently rediscovered this song, and am slightly obsessed with it. It really reflects both my taste in late 0s-early 10s pop, and also a great message… It’s so sad that she is not making new music; she was on the voice UK auditions several years back.

Who Knew – P!nk
I remember getting P!nk’s Greatest Hits album, several birthdays ago, and loving it. It was around the time when Raise Your Glass was a thing, but I really liked this older track, Who Knew. Now, looking at it as an older, more mature person, I can see the true brilliance behind it. The lyrics are amazing, and it’s so 0s pop… seeing a trend in my music taste here? xD

Body talk – Foxes
I’m in love with, like, the whole of the new album by Foxes, but her first single from the album, Body talk, is just superb. Listen to it, like I will be!

telephone – Lady Gaga ft. Beyoncé
Anyone else remember how much of a thing this was oh-so-many years ago? Yeah, me too… Gotta love Gaga, right?

TiK ToK – Ke$ha
In support of Ke$ha’s recent courtcase, and in appreciation of her music, I present to you TiK ToK, her first signle. It’s brilliant for crazy dancing [my only type of dancing], and still sounds epic at 2am through headphones… And that’s a fact.

So that’s it – my Bank Holiday favourites in music. I hope yu like them, and that I’ve given you something new to listen to, or some inspiration to listen to something you’d forgotten existed. If you have any favourites in music right now – old or new – please tell me in the comments. Or, if I’ve made you listen to something that you loked, or newly like, tell me!!!


17 thoughts on “Bank Holiday Music

    1. Have a good Easter yourself… You should really listen to some of these: and that was the upbeat song. If you want something a little slower, try On My Way

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