Everyone Has A Story

i’m desperately making up for my lack of posting recently, so here I present to you: THE SECOND POST OF THE DAY!

Ever sat in a café, or on a train; at a concert, or in a library; in a supermarket, or on the bus? Ever beein surrounded by strangers, people who you don’t know, have never met and will likely never meet again? We’ve all been in that position: there are over 7 billion of us on this Earth [a fact that has appeared repeatedly on my blog in recent times], so the likelihood of being in this kind of situation is certain. Almost every day in my life, I’m surrounded by a group of different people, and that is where I want to place you: in your head, surround yourself with imaginary, unknown-to-you people.
*This sounds like some creepy form of meditation… Argh*

everyone has their own story. think about it: every day, we have our own set of thoughts, problems, ideas, experiences. Each and every day, we have complications and long, winding thought processes – not simplistic thoughts, but complicated networks of thoughts. we all have a complicated network of friends, family, pets, aquaintances, calendar events…
Think now, just how much one brain, one person, can think about. And now, think about the fact that that’s just one person. One person, out of a group of, for example, 100 people in a large supermarket; 1000 people in a concert; 100,000 people in a small town; 100,000 people in a large city. Everywhere around you, there are hundreds of different people, each with their own network of thoughts, friends, experiences.

Imagine what could happen if we reached out. Imagine what could happen if you spoke to an extra person or two, to learn one more thing, share one more experience, be in on one more idea that has the potential to change the world. Obviously, “don’t talk to strangers” is drilled into us as teenagers day after day by our parents, and by our teachers. And so this is the point where I turn to my blog: from each other, here in a safe community, we can share. We can pool our ideas, reach out to one another, share and learn and create…

If there’s one thing in this world which i’m grateful for, it is surely this. The fact that I have a place to turn to, to share my ideas and to read other people’s ideas; to ask questions and to answer others’; to tell jokes and to laugh at someone else’s. Together, we can learn, share, expand, create, change, develop, revolutionize… we can do anything, and however cliché it sounds, it’s the most honest thing I know.

So remember, when you next write a blog post, or read someone else’s, that together, you are developing, and helping someone else to develop. You are sharing, and helping someone else share. You are helping to shape a better place, and that in itself is incredible.


15 thoughts on “Everyone Has A Story

  1. I love this post so much! Whenever I pass someone on the street, i wonder if they’re going through something or what is their story. However, I’m guessing that it would be pretty dangerously creepy if I stopped a stranger on the street and asked them that…

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  2. As weird as it sounds, whenever I see someone new, I try to think of their story, sometimes even make it up, just for the heck of it. I try not to jump to conclusions because everyone has a reason for something, even the bad guy. xP

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    1. I do that too, based on what they have with them, what they are saying… You know. And yeah, there are reasons for everything: we just don’t agree with some peoples.

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