Leave A Mark

My comparitvely long disappearance has an explanation… Once I’ve made it up! No, I’ve just literally had no motivation this weekend, so sorry about that. But, I’ve had multiple bloggers tell me not to apologise, so… I’m not sorry???

Everyone on the planet wants to leave a mark, somewhere, somehow.
Some people want to be revelutionaries: they want their mark to be a big change, usually in society.
Other people want to leave their mark in the form of their chosen art. Maybe it’s music, or literature, or painting – regardless, they want to leave their mark in that specific area, for generations present and future.
Others want to leave a mark on a more personal level. They want to leave a mark on their family, their friends, and future generations amongst that friends & family group. Maybe they want to pass down stories, or earn money so that their children, and their children’s children can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.
[My feelings on the role of money in society can wait for another post…]

However we choose to do so, we all want to leave a mark, and all three of the groups listed above are necessary in our society. One is not more or less important than another, because we need constant change and improvements on both a personal level and a more public level.

We all want to leave a mark, but think: close to 108 billion people have lived on this Earth as I write this; even now, you are one of close to 7.5 billion people. imagine that: 7.5 billion people, in one space; it’s unimaginable, and a logistical nightmare to even contemplate – how many finger sandwiches would you need to sufficiently feed that many human beings? Do they all like orange juice?
Regardless, you’re one of 7.5 billion people; you as an individual account for less than 0.00000000001% of the Earth’s population – significantly less than that, in fact. And yet, it’s still more than possible, with the necessary passion and determination, to leave a mark on someone, somewhere, for generations to come.

Just because i’m not rich; just because I’m not famous; just because I’m a normal person living in a normal house, in a normal road, in a normal town, why should I be limited to dreaming, and nothing more?
Answer: I shouldn’t, I won’t be, and I’m not.
Any of us can achieve our goals, can leave our marks, whether we dream big – societal change -, or on a smaller scale – a happy family for future generations. We can all do those things, so long as we want it enough, have the determination and passion, and keep at things, despite how bleak the horizon may appear. Despite what the media tells us, we don’t need money, fame and a size 0 body to change the world; if anything, that’s [ironically] doing exactly the opposite of change, because it’s conforming with society’s unspoken expectations of a mark-maker. Sure, having a combination of those three things doesn’t mean that you can’t make a mark: anyone can make a mark, create a change. It’s just not a requirement to have those three things, as society and the media would have you believe.

Make your mark.
I believe in you.


20 thoughts on “Leave A Mark

  1. OMG I LOVE THIS! I feel like I’m the only one out of my friends or people I know who actually want to make a positive impact that will help people and to be remembered by. I often doubt that this will ever happen, due to the large scale of the world and just sixteen year old me, but this post has helped a lot. It’s also made me realise that I don’t have to make an impact by changing the world, I can do so by art or even just by family x

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    1. I think far too many people think that change has to mean big: big dreams, big change. It doesn’t, and I’m glad that this post has helped you realise that. Sometimes, I feel like I’m the only one of my friends who feels like that too, but trust me, somewhere, we all feel like that 🙂

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