Shit – Plan! (And Excuse My Language)

I’m sorry for the rather strong language that you would have struggled to avoid in the title of this post, but I felt it was necessary. You may not have done, but I did, so there. It’s my blog, not yours and… OK, this sounds like a really arrogant five-year-old now… Argh!

Today is Wednesday: Wednesday, 16 March, 2016. Next Wednesday is 23rd March which, along with being someone’s birthday (there must be someone out there with a birthday next Wednesday) is the day on which I go to see Alessia Cara LIVE in London!!! It’s snuck up on me so quickly; I still remember buying my ticket in early January – 4th January, to be exact – and wondering how I’d live, waiting for over two months! And now, we’re a mere week away and I’m ridiculously excited!


What to wear?
Yes, I know I’m camp, but fuck it – I need to figure out what the heck to wear! Jeans and t-shirt? Smart casual, or really casual? I’m kind of obsessed with the kind of dress-as-if-you’ve-just-thrown-something-on-without-caring-but-more-sophisticated look, so maybe I’ll do that. I’m thinking jeans and t-shirt, with an unzipped hoodie and ankle trainers??? Being me, I’d happily turn up in a 1sie, but I’m going on the tube, so I think that’s a bit of a no-no.
OK, this is an important crisis which calls for the ultimate crisis-solver: tea… Bare with…
Back. Moving on from this issue, I need to make sure I’m ready for the experience. What do I do on the journey there? Obviously, listen to music, but do I listen to Alessia’s music, or wait for the concert, because then I’ll have been waiting for it, and it’ll sound so much better. And what do I eat in London? I’ve got quite a restrictive budget (‘coz London’s expensive) so maybe just a sandwich, or pasta? But I really want pizza (but then, that’s now, and I might not want pizza by next Wednesday).

Never come to a concert with me, because I will pretty much help you plan every aspect of your outfit, food plan for the day, seat plan for the train… Yeah, control freak, I know…


34 thoughts on “Shit – Plan! (And Excuse My Language)

  1. This reminds me of me pre-Halsey concert 😀 I say keep it casual, but not too casual and depending on the weather, I’ll lean more on the side of wear clothes that won’t make you too hot. The concert area is always crowded and body heat causes you to sweat and so does dancing and jumping up and down XD I think jeans and a t-shirt would be okay though. I say don’t listen to Alessia’s music bc it’ll sound so much better live, listen to like another favourite artist of yours to get you pumped!! And I have no clue about what you should eat – just eat whatever haha!
    Lol maybe you could help me plan for the twenty one pilots concert in just over a month away for me ;DD ANYWAY HAVE HEAPS OF FUN L, TELL US ALL ABOUT IT AND AGHHHH I’M JEALOUS can I like just magically appear in London next week and come with you?? xx

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  2. I LOVE ALESSIA CARA OMG HAVE FUN AND TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT! Also I’d say what you wear should depend on the weather of that day. Check whether the venue is inside or outside because that’s a huge factor in deciding what to wear. Don’t wear anything too fancy because you’ll probably be jumping around and dancing the whole time haha. 🙂

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  3. I always have these same dilemmas before concerts!! I’d say to dress comfortable because dancing and sweating will happen. I like to dress nice(ish) though because I tend to take so many pictures with me and my friends before the show.
    I always say I’m not going to listen to the artist’s music before the show, but during the car ride I get way too excited and can’t help myself. “CAN YOU BELIEVE I’M ABOUT TO HEAR THIS SONG LIVE!?!?”
    Make sure you tell us all about the concert though. I want the full experience!!!

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  4. Have fun at the concert! Things sneak up on us so fast! It feels like only yesterday I was waiting for… well, I wasn’t waiting for anything special, but some of my classmates went on a field trip across the country (I wish I could’ve gone, but it was too expensive.) Anyways, I bet you’ll look nice in whatever you wear, just remember to have a great time! 🙂

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