What Am I SUPPOSED to Say?

Hey Guys:

Another unexplained absence? This just won’t do, will it? I’m so sorry; life caught up with me, I think, and I needed a break. But I’m back, so life is all good – right?

People keep mentioning the BBC day, on Monday of this week. I’ll start off by saying that although I did try to make an audio diary for you guys, it failed, because frankly I forgot about it – OOPSIES!!! But it’s OK, I’m here to tell you all about it. Well, sort of…
It was a fabulous day. I can’t express here just how much I enjoyed it, and just how much the whole experience meant to me. I can’t give much detail, for fear of breaking my anonymity, but I did a fair bit of radio work, and some TV too, and met some famous journalists and BBC presenters.

Obviously, being the pretentious twat I am, I asked endless questions of everyone I met, including how they started their journalism career paths. I also ate at the infamous BBC canteen – a chicken wrap, a Mars bar (because fuck it, I’m at the BBC) and a Fanta. How could you go wrong?

The end of the day rolled around, and the journalist who had been with me all day thanked me (as is customary) and said: “Have you enjoyed today?”
Of course, I really had, but what am I supposed to say? I mean, showing your enthusiasm seems like you’re hiding something, whilst acting normal looks miserable. How can I win?

Look, it’s late, and I’m off on the train tomorrow, early in the morning too. I’ll try and write then, but if not, I guess I’ll leave you with this:
Hello, it’s me, I was wondering if after all these years (days) you’d like to meet (or perhaps just read?)


16 thoughts on “What Am I SUPPOSED to Say?

  1. Don’t apologize! Your absence wasn’t long…
    At all.
    but you had fun, so that’s great! And you’re tired, it’s fine so you can blog about it whenever you wish!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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