all Around Us -The social Project: True Beauty

Week 1: True Beauty

This post, written by Infinit Magic of
Infinite Magic of love
addresses the issue of true beauty within ourselves.

It’s normal for girls to be aware of their body shape, their clothes, their hair, their overall appearance, right?

Well, it is normal. But it shouldn’t be. Instead, it should be abolished.

Everyone, girls and boys alike, should be able to look at themselves in a mirror, and smile, and think, “That’s who I want to be. That’s me.”

When I’m at home, and I look in the mirror, I smile at myself and think, “How could I be better?”

But when I’m at school, and I just so happen to spot my reflection in the blank screen of a computer, I think, “How could anyone tolerate being around someone that ugly? How do my friends deal with me when I’m so ugly? I’m the ugliest out of all my friends! Why do they even put up with me?”

And then I think, “What kind of person am I, putting myself down like that?! It’s horrible for someone to put someone else down, but for me to put myself down? That’s a whole different topic!”

I realized that my friends don’t care whether or not I’m beautiful on the outside, because appearance isn’t true beauty. All these years, people have interpreted the meaning of beauty incorrectly. Beauty doesn’t mean attractive, pretty, irresistible to the eye. It means attractive, pretty, and irresistible right down to the heart. You love someone for who they are, and if you’re in a relationship where you only like each other for your appearances? Get out of there! You deserve someone better!

Appearance is the least of your matters. Think about who you are inside. Do you want to be that person? Is that person your ideal dream? Well, don’t make it your ideal dream. Make it your goal. “Be” that person. And if you see someone complaining about their “lack of beauty,” tell them this:

“You are as beautiful as you want to be. If you want to be an exceedingly beautiful person, then be that person! Help others, raise awareness! For that, people will realize your true beauty. You are beautiful, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

Often, when one is put down for lack of ideal appearance, it is his/her own doing, with only a small percentage of others putting him/her down. No one can tell you whether or not you are beautiful, except for you. That is your decision.

After all, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

Help raise awareness. Discourage discrimination; racism, sexism, whateverism. The only person that can change yourself is you.

Wishing you the infinite magic of love, {*~infinitmagic~*}

4 thoughts on “all Around Us -The social Project: True Beauty

  1. Agreed. Believe it or not, I fell in love with my crush not because he was hot, I liked him because we was SO nice. I finally saw beauty in that face. “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” as you said!!
    This was a great post!!!! XD XD XD

    Liked by 1 person

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